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Water Pressures

…by It was a cloudy day in Northern California when Tim Stroshane, a consultant at the Bay Area’s Environmental Water Caucus, was showing me around one of the reservoirs outside of San Francisco. It was winter, supposedly a wetter time in Northern California, but from our vantage point the reservoir looked like a small pond. “We used to use the water in this reservoir to stop wildfires,” he told me. “Well, what would you use now?” I asked. He co…

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Environmental Migrants

…000 communities are at high risk of being engulfed. Farmers, herdsmen, and urbanites alike must grapple with the water shortages accompanying desertification. According to the United Nations, the sum of these effects may create 50 million environmental refugees in China alone by the end of 2010. Compounding the works of nature, poor resource management and rising global consumption have placed new stresses on water sources. In the majority of str…

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From Sea to Shining…Puddle?

…days of severe smog than the notoriously-polluted capital did. And the air quality isn’t the only problem: water contamination abounds in these developing countries, with virtually all of India’s bodies of water suffering from pollution. This is the typical ‘environmental path’, so to speak, that developing countries tend to follow. Take the United States, for instance. During its “industrial age”, huge tracts of land were defor…

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Left High and Dry

…i International Trade Fair has a hidden underbelly, which tells an entirely different story: exploitation of the water and electricity supply of nearby slums. The fair is nestled between Kibera to the east and Jamhuri to the west, which are considered some of the world’s worst urban slums.  These blighted neighborhoods also unwillingly provide much of the energy and water supply the fair requires to run every year. In Kibera, wires are illegally…

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Environmental Justice

…ity of Chengde. According to the Global Policy Forum, there are approximately 300 potential conflicts concerning water around the world, originating from arguments over river borders and the drawing of water from shared water sources. One of the most serious disputes involving the control of riverheads is between India and Pakistan. Hostilities over water are intensifying as supply becomes scarce for both states. A report by the Asia-Pacific Cent…

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Rain Check for Reform

…her the damage was caused by wind-driven storm surges or flooding. The media quickly coined this as the “wind v. water” debacle. The case of James “Bud” Ray illustrates how many insurance companies took advantage of the uncertainty in wind and water damage. After Hurricane Katrina, Ray started the insurance claim process with a notice of loss to the insurer. This is followed with the insurance company’s investigation to determine the cause for th…

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Events 10/13 – 10/19

by Monday, October 13th Perspectives of Global Development 2014: Boosting Productivity to Meet the Middle Income Challenge 10:00am – 12:30pm International Affairs Building, Room 1501 Carl Dahlman is Head of the Thematic Division and Head of Global Development Research at the OECD’s Development Centre. Prior to joining the OECD in September 2013, he was an Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreig…

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Diamonds Aren’t Forever

…. Because of its drought problems, the people and government of Botswana rely on groundwater supplies to provide water for the nation. De Beers lobbyists have forced government officials of Botswana to supply Debswana with a guaranteed percentage of water reserves for business purposes, decreasing the supply for the general population. Diamond mining has also degraded land potentially useful for herd grazing; in an effort to secure lands for diam…

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A Culture of Waste

…d, including three days after reporting the issue myself to the Hospitality Desk. In the process, 231 gallons of water were lost, or 33 gallons per day. By comparison, the per capita daily availability of water in Jordan, the country where I grew up, is 24 gallons. Living between two large rivers, we take it for granted here in Manhattan that some 800 million people around the world have no safe drinking water supply. As declared by Paul Roberts,…

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Gimme, Gimme More

…alized that foreign investors’ use of land-grabbed territories is unsustainable and could cause massive food and water crises in Africa. Some, including Henk Hobbelink, a coordinator of GRAIN, an organization supporting small farmers, have even called the problem of water abuse in land-grabbed territories “hydrological suicide” for the African continent. If foreign investors were to use green procedures, sustainable farming techniques, or other m…

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