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Election 2012: Super PAC-Men

…eed, individuals with great wealth want to influence this year’s election to serve their own purposes: Enter the Super PAC. Super Political Action Committees (super PACs) are a new paradigm in campaign finance that has arisen out of the controversial Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court case in 2010. The effect of the Court’s decision is that individuals, or individuals grouped together into super PACs, may spend as much…

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CPRoundup: That’s all, folks!

…he Nazi propaganda machine, according to the Washington Post. Stephen Colbert offers College students “Super Fun Pack” For those college students who wanted to start a super PAC, a fundraising entity that can take unlimited money from donors, they need to look no further than the website of comedian Stephen Colbert’s PAC. Americans For a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow, the PAC’s moniker, is now offering a $99 super PAC starter kit. The kit comes with a…

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Citizens Standing United

…for the 1%.” Despite substantial public opposition to this ruling, the Court has refused to reverse its ruling. Super PACs can spend unlimited funds raised from corporations and unions on advertising under the condition that the Super PACs do not directly coordinate with the candidate or candidates they are supporting. Pro-Obama Super PACs, like Priorities USA Action, and pro-Romney Super PACS, like “Restore Our Future,” have been criticized for…

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Jamie Boothe

by Jamie Boothe is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in biochemistry, with plans to attend medical school. He is the Director of Operations for the Columbia University College Republicans, and he is both a strong social and fiscal conservative. He can be reached at Not One for Talking October 16, 2012 2:05 am  This election year has seen […]

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Goldie Blox

by What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year? (WikiCommons) Was it Volkswagen’s winged engineers? Seinfeld’s reunion with George and Newman? Jaguar’s stiff-upper-lipped British stars? My favorite this year was a bit of a dark horse, as it’s from a company whose products I’ll probably never use: GoldieBlox. In case you missed the SuperBowl (and haven’t searched “best Super Bowl commercials” to procrastinate, as I may or ma…

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Wright-Wing Politics

…, among other unsavory figures, the fiery and controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Recently, a pro-Republican Super PAC announced their plan to dig up the Wright card and use it against Obama in election advertisements. However, using Wright in any way to attack Obama, or even mentioning Wright at all, would be about the most foolish thing either the Romney campaign or any of his supportive Super PACs could do. photo courtesy of Wikimedia Com…

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The Super Bowl of Electoral Politics

by   9 p.m. EST Wednesday night. Grab your popcorn and plop down in front of the television, because I hear the networks are carrying it. The presidential debates. It’s the Super Bowl of electoral politics. And boy, am I excited. Romney’s series of gaffes and his subsequent slip in the polls has granted political pundits and network executives the […]

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Grand Ol’ Pageant

…was a brief honeymoon period. The former speaker’s attempts to flatter the media were no match for a windfall of Super PAC attack ads that informed the public of the hiccups in his tenure as speaker. Gingrich quickly adopted another strategy after New Hampshire. Rejecting the mantra of “hang a lantern on your problem,” Gingrich opted to lead with his strengths in order to downplay his flaws, adopting the guerilla tactics of concealment and surpri…

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Calling on Condi

…$50,000, and received rave reviews – click here to listen to the audio. Rice also recently became involved in a Super PAC, called ShePAC, for conservative women. Not to anyone’s surprise, like all other potential nominees, she avoids the subject and completely rejects her being chosen as Romney’s number-two, quite expertly I may add – she proclaimed in a CBS interview, “there is no way I will do this,” unlike the other shortlisters who waver and…

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Election 2012: Addressing Agendas

…bamacare. Liberals will claim that the Supreme Court continues to serve an oligarchy by defending vast corporate super PAC contributions, choosing presidents, and upholding a broken health care system. This court decision will not only affect the manner in which we interact with our government, but also how heated the election season will become. For more commentary, click here for Jamie Boothe’s “Supremely Political”  b…

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