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The Hundred Mile High Club

…y source of American influence, but today’s world is witnessing a dramatic expansion of those commons—into outer space. America’s response to this broadening terrain will carry tremendous weight for the stability of the international system. Satellites allow U.S. forces to communicate, navigate, gather intelligence, and use precision-guided weapons and space-enabled communication has become engrained in the operations of every branch of the milit…

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To Boldly Go Where Everyone is Going

…men behind Google and Avatar want to mine asteroids. Elon Musk, a co-founder of PayPal, is scheduled to send the SpaceX Falcon 9, the world’s first commercial launch vehicle, to the International Space Station (ISS) on May 7. founder Jeff Bezos has a rocket company of his own. Hotel magnate Robert Bigelow is developing inflatable space habitats for use by private companies and government agencies. And the chief executive of Virgin Grou…

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They Know You’re Reading This

…plugins you have—that it’s almost as unique as a fingerprint, and it may turn into an individually identifiable space. What’s happened is the commercial web as we know it is now about as far as one could imagine from an anonymous space. My colleague Matt Stempeck was just pointing out to me that this isn’t just a theoretical threat, it isn’t just a blurring of the boundaries. It’s actually a practical threat. One of the things we learned in the…

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Occupation Nation

by Illustration by Stephanie Mannheim Recently, the Washington Post ran an editorial by Ed Rogers called “OWS is over.” Writing that the movement “never constituted any class, or even a sub-class, to begin with,” Rogers argues, “It is possible the OWS movement will infest public space again. But they won’t be forming the core of Obama reelection rallies – or at least he hopes not.  Only the most marginal Democratic officials would app…

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Events 04/06-04/11

…m a recently completed cultural and consumer research project, The Culture of Brazil in America.

Speaker: Tasha Space
Tasha Space is a highly regarded strategist whose clients include Nike, Virgin, Citi, ESPN, Pfizer, and Comedy Central, among many others. Prior to founding CS SPACE, a culture, strategy and business consultancy, Space held two vice president positions at two global, award winning advertising agencies in Manhattan. Before that, S…

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The Right Stuff

…aining American leadership, and, of course, lucrative contracting jobs. NASA—particularly when it comes to human spaceflight—remains a cherished institution, but it has its detractors. Looking back on the Space Shuttle program, costly as it was in both lives and treasure, one line of the naysayers’ arguments makes a great deal of sense. Why, they ask, instead of using spacecraft to travel across space (a novel concept), have we been using t…

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The Wizard of DoS

…surrounding interaction on the Internet. There must be an attempt to outline what constitutes public and private space on the Internet. The information made public by the HB Gary hack shows us that, contrary to the current electronic communication laws, the government and their cyber-security contractors like HB Gary, Berico, Palantir and Booz Allen Hamilton view the entire Internet as public space. The actions of these entities suggest that they…

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Crimea and Punishment

…w materials. Currently, the only major economic concern stemming from the deep freeze in US-Russian relations is space cooperation, as many American rockets use Russian engines and NASA currently farms out many of its launches to the Russian space agency. However, given the breakneck pace of development in the private American space industry, this is unlikely to be an issue for long. It is instead Russia which needs the United States, and despera…

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Denial on Trial

…their opinions will remain outside the reach of effective persuasion. Europe’s responsibility for providing the space for this dialogue is increased by the lack of a corresponding space in Turkish society. One could argue, however, that many deniers of the Armenian Genocide, like Perinçek, do not travel to Europe in order to engage in meaningful dialogue but instead aim to inflame racial tensions. Perinçek’s speech, for example, was delivered in…

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Events 10/13 – 10/19

…l justice system must also cross disciplines, structures, cultures and communities. The Justice Forum provides a space for leading thinkers in justice work from a variety of disciplines and experiences to collectively examine some of the most critical justice issues today. The Forum seeks to create a space for cross pollination of ideas and perspectives and contribute towards the efforts to rethink our current policies and practices in criminal j…

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