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Left Hanging

…the presidency that television heralded. “Before 1963 and the advent of thirty-minute, picture-driven television news, Congress and the presidency got about equal coverage,” said Thomas Patterson, Bradlee Professor of Government at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. “As television whetted the appetite for news about presidents, newspapers followed along, so for both of them now, on average, it’s pretty close to two to one, presidency news ve…

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News on News on News

…ame readily accepted aid goals, the Pakistani floods did not receive such tangible benchmarks until later in the news cycle. Rather, the array of numbers presented-subdivided by types of aid and by duration, and different in almost every news source-were far from unanimous or clear goals. The shifts and ranges in numbers do belie one fact-Pakistan faces a host of longterm repercussions from the flood, which will be hard to calculate and harder st…

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The Fact Check Republic

…when journalists were regarded as the most trusted people in America. When Walter Cronkite concluded his nightly newscast with “and that’s the way it is,” people believed him. Today, on the other hand, people are justifiably skeptical of the news media. Media scholars often regard the period between 1950 and 1975 as the golden age of journalism. Television journalism, a fledgling field, had yet to gain the momentum and following it has today. It…

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Generation Blowhard

…spreading propaganda and outright mythmaking in his commentary—and he also helms the most popular show in cable news. Rhetorically speaking, the pundit is a strange animal: a kind of crippled orphan using the language of a priest, a self-righteous uncle and a used car salesman combined. Someone who limps toward emotional statements, not newsworthy conclusions. But subjective commentators have been around since news existed for commentators to co…

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What Not to Watch

…Americans trust and believe—or are even inspired by—the demagoguery that saturates the polarized world of cable news media. Most distressing of the rabble-rousers is the Fox News Channel, a Rupert Murdoch invention created with the mission of providing “unbiased” commentary and news coverage but which, in reality, leans so far right that the slightest gust of wind would leave it belly-up. Yet, for unfathomable reasons, the FNC has enjoyed striki…

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The Invisible Facts

by Media outlets have long tended to oversimplify the news and serve the public an easily digestible mix of shocking sound bites. Even storied traditional news organizations have fallen victim to sensationalism, caught by incentives to distort and dramatize, though such a “business model” may seem in outright conflict with their stated purpose to provide truthful and objective reporting. “Facts” created by such media practices, and ev…

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Grand Ol’ Pageant

…mingly symbiotic relationship between journalism and politics, how do the two really interact? The nature of the news, and the media that dictates it, is cyclical. Following Walter Lippmann’s “searchlight analogy” – where a topic oscillates between periods of quiescence and alarm – and owing to limited room on the news cycle, the attention the media pays to a specific issue or candidate fluctuates depending on which events are deemed newsworthy….

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Editor’s Note

…ccepted pitches for this issue, we were presented with one that inadvertently posed a question about the way the news works: Should reader demand and consumption drive the content of news? Being members, to varying degrees and qualifications, of the media which the pitch questioned, and being rather self-indulgent as is the wont of our generation (or so a number of studies by my elders tell me), we were taken with the meta nature of this question…

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Radio Silence – A Defense of Carmen Aristegui and a Mexican Free Press

…a Mexican society with limited access to the internet and without universal literacy, whose alternate source of news is the pliant duopoly of Televisa and TV Azteca, neither of which provide legitimate news under any standard. Hers was a critical voice in a country where the media too rarely acts as a counterweight to opaque, corrupt, abusive governmental power. She stood as the antithesis of the system she exposed and decried on her show. The f…

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Events 11/03 – 11/09

by Monday, November 3rd AgCenter Seminar 2:00pm – 3:00pm Low Memorial Library Burden Room, #206 The Earth Institute’s Agriculture and Food Security Center (AgCenter) presents “Elucidating Sustainable Agroecosystems Across Scales and Disciplines,” with Johan Six, Full Professor, Sustainable Agroecosystems, Department of Environmental System Science, ETH, Zurich. Dr. Six received his PhD in Soil Science in…

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