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Security Under Assault

…d States,” according to General Joseph Dunford, now the newest Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the top military leader in the country. The comments, which came during a Senate confirmation hearing for the next chairman, ignited the defense community and revealed a lot about our current military priorities. While many pundits have focused on General Dunford’s grim assessment of Russian intent or his strategy for defeating ISIS, however,…

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The Hundred Mile High Club

…alls to further commercialize space coincide with the reality that the launch industry owes its existence to the military’s activities in space. The first astronauts, a handful of fighter pilots, went to space atop converted Atlas ballistic missiles originally designed to carry nuclear warheads. The latest in the Atlas family, the Atlas V, is Lockheed Martin’s contribution to the United Launch Alliance, carryies military and intellige…

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Egypt’s Military Coup: Take Two

by photo from Wikimedia Commons It was March 2011 and the Egyptian military had assumed executive power in what was dubbed a democratic transition. As I stood next to a military tank, I saw slogans such as “the people and the army are one hand” and believed that military rule was the best alternative to Mubarak. The tanks indicated the military’s role as protector during the transition to democracy, but the military’s actions since ha…

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New History, Old History

…to become an actively dissenting citizen. People’s history and social history have also had a profound impact on military history. If, fifty years ago, social history and military history seemed to operate in entirely distinct planes, today we see evermore overlap between the two. The term “new military history” describes an already well-established field of scholarship that explores the social and institutional context of military conflict. Wher…

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Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

…e soldiers or airplanes to give our Korean ally. Instead, there has been a serious conversation over whether our military presence in South Korea should be reduced and whether we should be there at all. While the fears of North Korean aggression are legitimate, the US’s simplistic military strategy is ultimately ineffective and even counterproductive in deterring that aggression. The history of the United States military presence in South Korea d…

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Political Minutes: Sexual Assault in the Military, The Invisible War

…nd be heard. She believes that this film is a platform to launch the kind of change that hopefully will help the military move forward from its current practices. Many audience members asked important questions during this discussion period, including “Is the shame in the military shifting?”  and “Why can’t military personnel report their rape to the police if going to their commanding officer does not work?” The panels answers to both questions…

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Naval State of Mind

…ficit Reduction (JSCDR) to reach an agreement on the reduction of the federal deficit may turn into a full-blown military budget crisis with enormous, unforeseen consequences for national security if the United States does not act soon. The question is no longer whether defense cuts must be made. They are inevitable. But if cuts are made across the board, without reference to strategy, the US military will find itself woefully unprepared to deal…

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…ir navies is not itself evidence of regional arms race, nor is it evidence of a changing regional power dynamic. Military hardware is not inherently useful; it is the capabilities, which hardware provides, that create power. Too often measurements of military power become exercises of arithmetic: how many ships does China have? How many does Singapore have? But these numbers do not tell us much. A useful measure of military power must describe wh…

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Uncle Scam

…power? Desire a job with sex appeal? Uncle Sam wants you! More like Uncle Scam, am I right? The sales pitch for military service reads like a poorly written wanted ad in the local paper. Why does the military prey on people’s insecurities? In order to understand the need for such absurd recruitment tactics and techniques, we must first understand the backdrop for military recruitment—the Poverty Draft. To understand the Poverty Draft is to under…

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Dire Straits

…nt. Under this framework, the revenues from oil and natural gas production would fund massive infrastructure and military investments and, in return, these investments would continue to strengthen Russia’s hold on the hydrocarbons. In other words, the stronger the military, the more secure the oil and gas revenues – to the tune of dozens of trillions of dollars. Similar to Antarctica, which is home to 200 billion barrels of oil and 100 trillion c…

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