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The Anti-Politicians

by Most political journalists would not lend their press credentials to radical leftist drunkards they’d met at a bar the night before. Hunter S. Thompson is not most political journalists, though. He is crazy, and so was the man who received his ID during the 1972 Democratic primary campaign. The next day, this counterfeit journalist boarded a campaign bus, physically and verbally assaulted the other reporters on the train, and grabbe…

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Political Minutes: Euna Lee on Human Rights

by On Friday night, the Columbia University chapter of Liberty in North Korea (LINK) presented a night with journalist, activist, and former North Korea detainee Euna Lee. She spoke about her own story as a reporter and activist (including her detention in Pyongyang), as well as the harrowing and inspiring stories of brave North Korean defectors, and outlined ways in which the foreign community can support the efforts of defectors, det…

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Divided by Definition

…ce of such inconsistent language is not only a hindrance in diplomatic contexts; it also creates a challenge for journalists who strive for impartiality and fairness in their coverage of the conflict. Unintentionally or deliberately, a reporter’s use of particularly loaded terms could suggest sympathy for one side. In light of this difficulty, the BBC published a list of key terms in 2010 to serve as a guide to facts and terminology for its journ…

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Why the Journalists Matter

…tographer Khalil Hamra is injured in Tahrir Square on Thursday. (AP Photo/Mohammed Abed) On January 29, Egyptian journalist Ahmad Mohamed Mahmoud was shot in the head by a sniper as he stepped out on his office balcony to take video of an altercation between security forces and protesters. He died six days later. Somewhere in the depths of the internet about a week ago I read a comment that posed the question, Why do we care about the journalists…

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The Fact Check Republic

…it is not seen by a considerable number of people or re-tweeted. Because audiences have unprecedented access to journalists, the journalist has found himself at the mercy of the audience’s whims. The journalist will deliver what the audience wants to see because that is what brings hits. Each tweet written by the New York Times Company reaches over six million followers. Each of their Facebook status updates reaches over two million subscribers….

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Grooming the Globe

by Illustration by Daryl Seitchik One can hardly fail to notice the growing “cornflake-ification” of politics in the midst of the 2012 Republican primaries. Ideology has become irrelevant; the focus is now on personality. A candidate’s hairstyle counts as much as his views on immigration – or on, say, Libya. The voter is the consumer, the candidate the product. Behind this growing business lurk some of the most powerful men of the mod…

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**Events March 24-30**

by Tuesday, March 25 The Buddhist Puzzle: Inclusionary Doctrines, Exclusionary Politics 4:00pm – 6:00pm Columbia University Morningside Campus International Affairs Building, room 918 Join us for a conversation between Alfred Stepan and Duncan McCargo on their forthcoming article in the Journal of Democracy, The Buddhist Puzzle: Inclusionary Doctrines, Exclusionary Politics. To read a copy of the article prior to this convers…

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Political Minutes: Bob Woodward speaks to the Journalism School

…es. Revealing times when information he received was contrary to real accounts, his suggestion for the potential journalists in the room was to question whether one is on the right track to understanding what is really going on. “And you just have to keep digging… information begets information.” The current journalist faces a dilemma between using the vast range of sources on the internet and getting information straight from the source of the i…

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Events 10/20 – 10/26

by Monday, October 20th   To lose without fighting? The US, China, Southeast Asia and the South China Sea 12:00pm – 1:30pm International Affairs Building, Room 918 Brown Bag Lecture featuring Bill Hayton, reporter at BBC. Sponsored by the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, the APEC Study Center, SEASI, and Asia American Journalists Association at Columbia. For further information regarding this event, please contact […]

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by Illustrations by Stephanie Mannheim In Russia’s parliamentary elections on December 4, 2011, United Russia – the party of President-turned-Prime Minister-turned-current-President Vladimir Putin – won the majority of seats in the Duma, the Russian Parliament, amid cries (and video evidence) of widespread election fraud. On December 5, Russians took to the streets in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Over the course of the next three months…

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