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by / on February 13, 2012 at 2:00 pm / in Opinion, World

What Makes A Regime Legitimate?

…are less radical, but do insist upon the possibility and necessity of a “third choice” between “imperialism and fascism,” framing Western and Arab intervention as imperialism and dictatorial rulers as fascism. Now, the instinctive opposition to imperialism in all forms and colors is unsurprising and understandable; after the legacy of colonialism throughout the world, I doubt that many people truly sympathetic to the populations of the Arab worl…

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by / on May 9, 2014 at 8:56 pm / in Europe, Issue, World

A Fresh Order of Domino Theory

by a US foreign policy, domino theory argued that the fall of a nation to communism would trigger and fuel the spread of communism to neighboring nations. The Soviet Empire wished death upon American principles, liberties, and ideals, with a communist backbone rivaling that of Hitler’s fascism. If left unchecked, the Soviet Union could spread across the globe—a string of “falling dominos”— until it isolated its final opposition and unl…

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by / on October 24, 2011 at 12:44 am / in Cover Story, Domestic, Latin America, World

Acknowledging the Americas

by In 2008, President Barack Obama had a clear idea for Latin American foreign policy. The Bush administration, distracted by events in the Middle East, had pursued a harmful hemispheric policy of blustering unilateralism and neglect; Obama, conversely, would pursue a “new partnership” with the Americas, one marked by cooperation and mutual interests. His subsequent election was heralded throughout Latin America as an opportunity to r…

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What You Need to Know: Ukraine

by Radically important geopolitical goals are at stake in the Ukrainian Crisis, so we thought we’d compile the best thinking on the issue to date. Firstly, Professor Timothy Snyder of the Political Science Department and Harriman Institute has written a slew of insightful exposition on this increasingly important topic for the New York Review of Books. “Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine”      “Ukraine’s New Di…

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