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ACE Forum: A Look at CIA Drone Killings III

…hysical. It is a dissociation of the human on the other side to his humanity, which, some warn, will engender in drone controllers a Playstation mentality. But the inhumanity of drone killings goes beyond empathic distance as well. Where did drones come from? They are a response to the economic concerns of waging modern warfare; drones are to expensive air force pilots what the assembly line was to cottage industries: mass-produced death. What ar…

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ACE Forum: A Look at CIA Drone Killings II

by So far in our discussion of drone policy, started here by Urja Mittal, we have assumed that this technology is the most efficient for fighting Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. By Urja’s account, the debate over drones is currently an issue of educating the public and finagling legal details. I cannot accept this as an initial premise. Before diving into this debate, I wish to make the following clear: drone technology is promising and may…

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…nteresting upshot of this “pragmatism,” however, is represented by the administration’s escalation of the use of drone warfare. Micah Zenko, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, explains the Obama administration’s embrace of the drone, and small precision raids – like the one that killed Osama Bin Laden – as a decision engendered by “the lessons of the big wars.” The long timelines and the boots on the ground necessitated by the nation-b…

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ACE Forum: A Look at CIA Drone Killings I

…sses and casualties and evaluate the strikes’ efficacy. Today, as tensions reignite in the Afpak region and U.S. drone use escalates, the debate about whether these aircraft should be allowed has arisen once again, more pertinent than ever before. Two things are clear, though: In the current war, drone strikes are a lawful course of action and critical to U.S. security. Predator Drone at Bay, Photo via Wikimedia Commons According to CIA official…

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Why Drone Warfare is So Controversial

…. In the Middle East, American exceptionalism has, quite understandably, been perceived as American imperialism. Drone warfare is only the latest incident in this worldview: in The Crisis of Islam, historian Bernard Lewis recounts allegedly imperialistic American action in Lebanon, Khartoum, Libya, and, of course, Korea and Vietnam. Operation Iraqi Freedom is, conversely, Operation Iraqi Colonization. Drone warfare, similarly, is a preposterous i…

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ACE Forum: A Look at CIA Drone Killings V

…th that in mind, here is a type of thought experiment that traces the potential, if not probable, development of drone technology. Over the next 20 years, drastic improvements in the production methods for these drones would lover cost of their production to something commensurate with large modern weaponry such as tanks or mobile artillery. Already the geographic range of military vehicles is expanding rapidly, so the necessity of maintaining dr…

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ACE Forum: A Look at CIA Drone Killings IV

…es the long-range rifle, which becomes the machine gun, which becomes the smart bomb, which becomes the Predator drone. The word “ever-growing,” while it seems to acknowledge some continuity, implies that this growth has occurred only over the last century or so. It hasn’t. Trent’s more specific point is about unintended civilian deaths, which he claims are inevitable, at this point in targeted drone killings. He deplores the dehumanization of co…

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Rigging the System

…the collective American consciousness, are seen as “good” ends that can justify occasional “bad” means, such as drone strikes or torture. When a corporation commits some major impropriety, however, their purpose is inherently tied to increasing profits. American public opinion can excuse drone strikes when they promote national security, but few Americans consider it acceptable for multinational corporations to abuse human rights in order to fur…

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Pakistan and the U.S.’s Long Painful Breakup

…ous price. Pakistan has reasons to be upset as well, the greatest of which is undoubtedly the repeated forays of drones into the country, which have killed hundreds of civilians. A particularly bloody drone strike last year led to the closure of the NATO equipment pipeline. Pakistan considers the drone attacks gross violations of its sovereignty. The diplomatic rift that these issues have caused widens by the day. Last month, at the NATO summit i…

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Why Pakistan Still Matters

…ak region. Pakistanis have lingering doubts and perceptions of the U.S. intentions through the persistent use of drone strikes. Drone attacks have created negative attitudes within the Pakistani population and should end as they have killed hundreds of lives simply to kill militants. The U.S. must be cautious, and Pakistan must be careful about its future foreign policy direction. Afghanistan continues to be a backward and inhospitable environmen…

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