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What Delayed Peru’s Leftist Turn: Neoliberal Policy Stickiness and Sociopolitical Situation

…hesis by evaluating the role of timing in policy shifts to the Left, positing that economic growth and commodity booms reinforce government policy: If a country enters an export boom with a Leftist government, forces of inertia are likely to keep Leftist government policies intact following the boom, while if a country enters an export boom with a more neoliberal government, forces of inertia are likely to reinforce neoliberal policies. I find su…

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Great Barrier Grief

…2005, China has invested $51 billion in non-financial assets. Australia has profited substantially from China’s boom. But this boom has come with its downsides. The Australian dollar has risen by 230% against the US Dollar since its low in April of 2001 of $0.47 to its peak in June 2011 of $1.10. This has meant a dramatic increase in Australians’ purchasing power. But it has also spelt disaster for its manufacturers.  Manufacturing has declined…

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The North Dakota Way

…f of 2012 was not, the energy sector, but actually the hotel and food services sector. Of course, in fossil fuel booms like these, ancillary industries will see strong growth as well, which explains the soaring housing prices and the boom in hotels, restaurants, and as noted in a recent piece in Slate magazine, strip clubs. But the boom is extending beyond the energy sector and its derivatives. This includes the tech boom in and around Fargo, whi…

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Big Fracking Deal

…philosophy is neither economically constructive nor environmentally sustainable. In the Northeast, the fracking boom has benefitted some local business owners and has increased employment. It has also created a labor demand problem for established employers and economic dependence on energy companies in rural areas, as once the boom is over, many communities may return to a troubling economic reality. The potential for environmental harm is even…

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Water Pressures

by It was a cloudy day in Northern California when Tim Stroshane, a consultant at the Bay Area’s Environmental Water Caucus, was showing me around one of the reservoirs outside of San Francisco. It was winter, supposedly a wetter time in Northern California, but from our vantage point the reservoir looked like a small pond. “We used to use the water in this reservoir to stop wildfires,” he told me. “Well, what would you use now?” I ask…

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An Impoverished Debate

by The protracted economic crisis that has entangled America since 2007 has produced an uproar of political reaction, galvanizing the public consciousness to demand answers to the bigger questions of our time: the role of government, the challenges of globalization, and the rapid rise of inequality have all been furiously debated. Furthermore, the pitch of political discussion and action has remained particularly feverous and ferociou…

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Stop, Frisk and Gentrify

…with bringing Stop-&-Frisk to the bay, a move that would support the ongoing gentrification and real estate boom in SF. Since the dot-com boom in the ‘90s, the African-American population in San Francisco has dropped 50 percent. But it doesn’t have to be called Stop & Frisk to be racist policing and compel blacks to move to another city. A report published earlier this year investigated the already incredibly racist policing in the bay,…

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The Future of Europe: Break up or federalism?

by 2012 was meant to be the year of reckoning for the eurozone. The Spanish banking system lay in tatters, the long-term interest rate on Italian debt was unsustainable, and the prospect of a Greek exit seemed frightengly plausible. Yet the doomsayers, of whom there were many, have had to think again as the euro is still completely intact, mainly due to Mario Draghi, the head of the European Central Bank. In July 2012, he remarked that…

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Jazz, Jail, and the New Jim Crow

by by Justin Walker In Harlem, 1948, a five-year-old Joseph “Jazz” Hayden attended his first day of school. There, he read Dick and Jane in a snap, having practiced by reading ads on subways and trolley cars as he accompanied his mother to her jobs as a domestic worker. Jazz was so proud of his reading accomplishments that he asked his teacher if he could take the book home to read to his mother. The teacher said yes, but that he had…

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

by by Justin Walker Jill Stein, the Green Party’s candidate for President of the United States in the 2012 election, was also the Green-Rainbow Party ’s candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and again in 2010. A trained doctor, Jill says that she views running for office as “practicing political medicine” because “it’s the mother of all illnesses.” Columbia Political Review’s George Joseph talks with Stein what she would d…

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