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Behind the Burqa Bans

…rather than shared ethnicity and is thus more adaptable to demographic change. Still, the ethnic homogeneity of Western Europe is changing—huge movements of Muslims and eastern Europeans into the West are challenging traditional perceptions of identity and place. Western Europe is no longer solely the realm of the white Christian. This state of affairs has resulted in a backlash against immigrants, institutionalized by immigration quotas and nat…

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Befriending the Bear

…under Putin has come government cultivation of anti-Western rhetoric. The association of the painful 1990s with Western economic intervention has turned many Russians against conforming to Western standards. Putin’s approval ratings have soared due to what Desai calls the “feel-good factor” among Russians, who see their living standards rising and their country once again acting as a great power on the world stage. An independent stance in the i…

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Turkey Gets Engaged

…his replacing the entire Arabic alphabet with a Roman script for the Turkish language, the Kemalist vision of a western European order dictated both domestic and foreign policies. Turkey’s increased closeness with Western orders paved the way for its 1963 Association Agreement with the European Economic Community (EEC), which later evolved into the modern-day European Union in 1992. Kemalist reforms Turkey towards closer relations with the West…

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Bye Bye Beijing

…lows its trading partners to side step transparency and good governance requirements, unlike those stipulated in Western-dominated international aid institutions. According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project, African governments have responded enthusiastically, with approval ratings for China and Chinese actions reaching 71 percent across Sub-Saharan Africa, compared to 43 percent in the Western bloc. However, China’s politically indiscriminate…

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How We Don’t Look at Kenya

by Western media coverage of the conflict in Kenya has been enormous, especially for a story coming out of Africa. The reportage has been a staple of the Economist and the New York Times since the beginning of the year, and even the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has run the AP’s dispatches from Nairobi. Yet for all its breadth, the coverage has been dangerously lacking in depth. The media’s principal crime has been to recycle plot lines fr…

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Paki-standing Alone

…ve another of Beijing’s goals: the development and restraint of Xinjiang as part of the larger effort to control western China. Although Pakistan’s inability, if not reluctance, in fighting ETIM contributed to the instability in Xinjiang, Pakistan’s cooperation in combating this real and potent threat to stability in economically important western China is critical. ETIM members are both trained in Pakistan and funded by sympathetic groups, and C…

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Petrol Patronage

…ion in the US-Iran relationship. Nothing could be more threatening to Alexei Miller and Gazprom in Iran than for Western natural gas companies to begin investing in Iran’s natural gas fields and pumping out natural gas to be sold in traditionally Gazprom-dominated natural gas markets. Nothing could be worse for Igor Sechin’s Iran policy than to have Iranian oil competing with Rosneft’s oil in Western markets or to have Western oil companies pumpi…

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The Invisible Facts

by Media outlets have long tended to oversimplify the news and serve the public an easily digestible mix of shocking sound bites. Even storied traditional news organizations have fallen victim to sensationalism, caught by incentives to distort and dramatize, though such a “business model” may seem in outright conflict with their stated purpose to provide truthful and objective reporting. “Facts” created by such media practices, and ev…

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Very Big Oil

…ket. Although it operates in a complete monopoly, Norway’s Statoil continues to adapt to world markets, allowing Western investors to trade a portion of its stock in the NYSE. NOMs need not be a mere means of exerting state control over the international trade of a vital commodity. However, oil-producing states are manipulating foreign capital and erecting bars to fair competition against Western firms in the form of hostile takeovers and irrespo…

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The Christian Right Angle

…“totalitarian ideology,” the onlooker is justified in their absolute revulsion. Even the most liberal, tolerant Westerner feels disgust when confronted with Islamic ideology. Griffin displays a similar hostility to Islam, which he also frames in terms of personal experience. “I’ve got no problem with Islam in the Middle East; I don’t think we should be there trying to make them westernized, that’s not our job, it’s not our right,” he explained i…

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