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Going for the Gold: The Corporatized Olympics

by from Wikimedia Commons This week, two Olympics, thousands of miles apart, are being played. Corporations have ruined both. In 1984, a Union Carbide leak killed 15,000 people in Bhopal, India in what has been called the biggest industrial disaster in history. Forty tons of methyl isocyanate gas ravaged the city, leaving 500,000 injured and thousands of unborn children with futures of pain and deformity. Almost thirty years later, hu…

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Events 04/06-04/11

…Room 501 Capitalizing on strategic opportunities connected to major cultural and media events, such as the 2016 Olympics, can translate into major marketing wins for brands. In this seminar, we will discuss the following:

Why is leveraging cultural events so important for brands to get right in todays media saturated landscape?
What are the important perspectives, strategic approaches and best practices for brands who want to leverage the 2016…

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Obvious Gaffes and Subtle Humility

by From Wikimedia Commons So Mitt Romney goes to London and insults the British, just as they’re preparing for the biggest event in England since the release of the last Harry Potter movie. The gaffe, in which Romney questioned London’s preparedness for the event, honestly made me scratch my head. What was he thinking? Politically, there was no upside. He didn’t make himself look better, nor did he seem more presidential. Ideologicall…

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Mitt Romney Can’t Conquer the World

…responded to his attack on the British preparations. Cameron noted that it is much more difficult to operate an Olympics in one of the busiest cities in the world than in the middle of nowhere, directly undercutting an accomplishment Romney boasts of often: his successful management of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. The missteps of Romney’s trip abroad stands in strict contrast to that of former Senator Obama’s during his camp…

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Bribe and Punishment

by Marissa Tjartjalis “The problem is that in Brazil you don’t convict. I’ve been in court for seven years, yet this is the second time we attempt to reach conviction. This course of action is still very novel to me and to other judges.” Judge Joaquim Barbosa is unhappy with his court’s conviction rate. He is closer to the rule than to the exception in a region that has suffered from a tainted judicial system since the establishment o…

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Touchdown on 34th Street

by Illustration by Katherine Isokawa For a long time, the far West Side of Manhattan was ignored by city planning. It developed into a neighborhood of low-rise houses, businesses, and factories. But in the past few years, the city has turned its attention back to that part of town, seeing it as the best way to expand midtown. While the entire proposal has stirred controversy, one aspect of it, a planned stadium for either the Olympics

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Anatomizing Abenomics

by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,  by Chatham House [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons By the time Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office in December 2012, Japan was suffering from lackluster economic performance. As recently reported by CPR columnist Asha Banerjee, growth in Japan was the big story of the 1980s, but by the 1990s, the Asia bubble had burst and Japan’s GDP fell by nearly USD$…

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World Leaders Forum: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

by   Amidst the crowd-wide clicking and fumbling of clunky translation devices, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke to a silent, eagerly anticipatory audience crammed with students and members of the press on September 22, 2014. Between the opening remarks of President Bollinger, student questions, and Prime Minister Abe’s responses, it was a night filled with “re’s”: a renewed sense […]

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Brazil’s Uncertain Future

by Dilma Rousseff by Roberto Stuckert Filho/Presidência da República (Agência Brasil) [CC-BY-3.0-br]Aecio Neves, by PSDB MG [CC-BY-2.0] With a presidential election run-off to take place in just a couple weeks, Brazil is at a crossroads. Over the course of the first decade of the 21st century, Brazil had its cake and ate it too, with both record levels of economic growth and large decreases in inequality. Annual growth averaged 3.7 pe…

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The Far Right Hook

by “Oui, c’est l’Europe, depuis l’Atlantique jusqu’à l’Oural, c’est toute l’Europe, qui décidera du destin du monde.” “Yes, it is Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, it is Europe, it is the whole of Europe that will decide the fate of the world.” In 1959, at the founding of the Fifth Republic, the French president and statesman Charles de Gaulle triumphantly proclaimed a united Europe’s influence on the world. A world war had ended…

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