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“It Was The State”

…ts, and the federal government are responsible, by omission or commission, for a major crime at the hands of the Mexican state. In the wake of these terrible events, reforming and rehabilitating the Mexican state is necessarily the most important goal. This rehabilitation requires, above all, justice: a clear articulation and punishment of those responsible, at all levels of the society. Neither political forces, nor state institutions, nor civil…

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Mexican Media Creates Sex Symbol, Dangerous Leftist

…but not forget”, because a country that forgets its history is condemned to repeat it. Nearly a week before the Mexican July 1st elections take place, as the vote divides between giving an opportunity the left or handing back power to those that abused it, I am afraid Mexicans are voting for the latter. After two terms lacking significant reform and plagued by drug blood, the National Action Party (PAN) lost significant popularity. Taking advant…

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Borderline Dysfunctional

…ing up intelligence, new “fusion centers” are being created to better combine the efforts of American agents and Mexican analysts. Finally, greater focus on monitoring the illicit cargo that gang members traffic between Mexican and American cities could do much to plug the porous border. Compared with the $18 billion to $39 billion in cartel profits from U.S. markets, American aid seems like a drop in the bucket, but it should be praised as the f…

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Egypt’s Mexican-Style Coup

by Wikimedia Commons As I write this, there is less than an hour left to the end of the Egyptian Army’s 48-hour ultimatum that unless an agreement can be reached between the President Mohammed Morsi and opposition forces, it will intervene and impose a “roadmap” for a new government. Or, in plain language, it will stage a coup. Such an agreement has not been forthcoming. The opposition, seeing that the government will fall if they don…

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Chaos in Mexico: How Did We Get Here?

by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto In the past few days since news broke that members of the Guerreros Unidos gang brutally murdered the 43 missing students in the Mexican state of Guerrero, protests have enveloped the country. Until September, Mexico’s Peña Nieto was making front-page news for the country’s economic potential; now, despite the eleven different broad-reaching reforms passed under his leadership, many are now cal…

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Events 10/13 – 10/19

…exico from 2000 to 2003. In 2006 he attempted to run for Mexicos presidency as an independent candidate, but the Mexican Supreme Court ruled against his eligibility. Castaeda is a renowned public intellectual, political scientist, and prolific writer with an interest in Mexican and Latin American politics, comparative politics, and U.S.-Mexican and U.S.-Latin American relations. He taught for more than 25 years at Mexicos National Autonomous Univ…

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2012 Latin American Political Playbook

…attacks. I predict a Chávez win; the system is simply stacked too high against Capriles. Enrique Peña Nieto Wins Mexican Presidency Widespread resentment over Mexican President Felipe Calderón’shandling of the drug war in Northern Mexico has inflamed public opinion against his National Action Party (PAN). PAN broke the Institutional Revolutionary Party’s (PRI) 70-year stranglehold on Mexican politics with the election of Calderón’s predecessor, V…

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Interview: #Yosoy132 Organizer Valeria Hamel

by Editor’s Note: CPR’s Andrea S. Viejo had the opportunity to converse with Valeria Hamel, one of the spokespeople of the #YoSoy132 student movement in Mexico advocating for freedom of the press. She gave us insight into the upbringing of this movement and what it was like to organize the first independent student run presidential debate in the history of Mexico ahead of the July 1 election. Valeria is a 22-year-old law student…

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Events 03/02-03/08

…n Laboratory (Latin Lab) and the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP). Part of the Mexican Mondays series, Center for Mexican Studies – Institute of Latin American Studies For further information regarding this event, please contact ILAS by sending email Tuesday, Mar 3rd Violentology: A Photographic Exploration of Conflict, Political Change, and Human Rights in Colombia Tuesday, March…

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Events 03/30-04/03

…Contemporary Mexico aims to develop a preliminary exploration of the broad theme of emergent religious forms in Mexican public life. We hope to address new narratives and social practices developed to cope with everyday life in a society that has undergone such rapid and deep transformation, the nature of engagement of contemporary religious organizations and trends in Mexican public life, and the proliferation of cult-like organizations that do…

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