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The Best Solution Available

…ut I like to think that Romney, realizing that Democratic ads would continue to tie him to “The Ryan Plan To End Medicare As We Know It (Seniors Beware!),” decided that there could be no better way for his campaign to defend the plan than to add its architect to the ticket. According to a Pew Research poll released August 22, 55 percent of seniors disapprove of the Ryan plan’s proposed changes to Medicare. While conventional wisdom says that embr…

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Paul Ryan’s First Love

by photo from Wikimedia Commons On September 6, 2011, Tom Nielsen, a retired 71-year-old plumber, interrupted Paul Ryan’s “pay per view town hall” at the Greenfield, WI, Rotary Club. Nielsen, enraged by Ryan’s crusade against entitlements, yelled out, “I’ve paid into that for 50 years, for my unemployment, and my social security, and my Medicare! And now you’re gonna-”. The old man was not allowed to finish. Three security guards pumm…

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Modest Proposal: Misdiagnosis

by Illustration by Allison Cohen Paradigm shift. For most of us, the phrase is associated with scientific upheavals, but it is equally applicable to political discourse. Few modern issues have been so poorly discussed as President Obama’s flagship health care measure, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The massive discrepancy between the debate over this bill and the facts of the American health care system is a t…

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The Ryan-Romney Ticket

by photo from Wikimedia Commons “The next President of the United States, Paul Ryan.” I think Mitt might be having a bit of an identity crisis. When introducing his vice presidential running-mate, Paul Ryan, Governor Romney triumphantly declared the congressman as Mr. Obama’s successor. Oops. In the biggest moment of his campaign, the biggest moment of his public life thus far, Romney forgot for just a second (or maybe it was just Fre…

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Romney-Ryan Offers Hope for America

by photo from Wikimedia Commons The 2012 Presidential Election just got real: GOP nominee Mitt Romney has selected Wisconsin representative and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan, the author of the Republican-approved Path to Prosperity budget proposal (often simply referred to as the “Ryan Plan”) that sought to rein in long-term deficit spending by reforming Medicare, is a dedicated fiscal conservativ…

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The Debt Offensive: Focusing on Entitlements

…us trajectory, the main determinants of the unsustainable path are entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The GAO states that “absent changes to federal entitlement programs, spending on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and interest on the federal debt will account for an ever-growing share of the economy.” To quantify, one of the simulations from the GAO’s January 2010 report estimates that “ninety-three ce…

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(My) Impending Healthcare Crisis

by When I broke the news to my parents this past Thanksgiving that I would not be seeking conventional employment after graduating this May, I was met with a surprising reaction: “You realize that you’re not going to be covered under our health insurance policy.” For a long time, I had been constructing a plan to show my parents that my decision not to work an office job was a viable path. Their revelation threw a wrench into my strate…

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The Hot Potato

by When the dust clears, the recently realized sequestration maneuver will succeed to do at least one thing: to show Americans that our budget crisis cannot be solved without addressing entitlement spending. As of the spending cuts that were officially triggered this past weekend, the United States has at least started the grueling process of balancing its budget after decades of decadence, indulgence, mismanagement, and shortsightedn…

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Highway 270: Virginia

…t tailor his argument to the ears of the toss-up state voter—particularly the Virginian. For example, fears that Medicare will be turned into a voucher program are so prevalent in Virginia (as in Ohio, Florida, and most swing states) that Obama would be remiss not to equate a Romney win with potential loss of Medicare. Romney will likely mention, as he did in Virginia yesterday, that his administration would increase large amounts of funding to d…

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Highway 270: Florida’s Elderly Vote

…voting bloc. These voters tend to support government aid programs that directly benefit older recipients (think Medicare and Social Security), and are, generally speaking, wary of attempts to change these policies. As such, Romney and Obama will each accuse the other of wanting to tamper with Medicare and Social Security, and each will assure the voters of his vested personal interest in protecting their favorite policies. But such attacks and p…

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