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Senkaku, I Choose You!

…uilty of having just set fire to his own car. Behind the man is a sign written in Chinese exclaiming “Defeat the Japanese Demons.” This is just one of many scenes capturing the zeitgeist of the riots last September in China that occurred after the Japanese government nationalized three uninhabited islands that lie off the coasts of Japan, China, and Taiwan. Paying a little over 2 billion yen ($26 million) for the privilege, the government assumed…

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An Uncomfortable Past

by   Although South Korean president Park Geun-Hye was elected into office as a conservative candidate, she has been taking radical steps in diplomacy. Since 1992, when South Korea established official diplomatic relations with China, all newly inaugurated presidents have visited the United States, Japan, and China in that order; however, President Park flatly ignored this tradition, visiting the U.S. […]

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Change Japan Can Believe In

…owed much of this rhetoric straight from President Obama’s campaign playbook. During President Obama’s campaign, Japanese Obama impersonators became popular entertainers. Coincidentally, a port city named “Obama” cheers for the American president for all his accomplishments to this day. With a similar effect, CNN’s report of the Japanese elections also noted, “Hatoyama touted a Barack Obama-style message of change.” “This time, it’s really not ab…

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A Mukden in the Making

by from Wikimedia Commons On September 18, 1931, the Imperial Japanese Army created a crisis in Manchuria as a pretext for invasion. Dynamite was detonated in a train station in the city of Mukden (now known as Shenyang, in the northern Chinese province of Liaoning). The Japanese blamed the explosion on Chinese dissidents, and launched a full invasion of Manchuria. The puppet state of Manchukuo (the “country of the Manchu”) was establ…

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Anatomizing Abenomics

…d and Singapore, might see a bump in growth. Still, a weak yen would theoretically cause a short-run slowing of Japanese investment in other countries. Curiously, in at least the first few months of the Abe administration’s tenure, Japanese investment in other parts of Asia accelerated. Pundits argued this was due to manufacturers “forsaking” Japan’s aging population, stringent regulations, and high-costs for younger, looser, and cheaper economi…

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World Leaders Forum: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

by   Amidst the crowd-wide clicking and fumbling of clunky translation devices, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke to a silent, eagerly anticipatory audience crammed with students and members of the press on September 22, 2014. Between the opening remarks of President Bollinger, student questions, and Prime Minister Abe’s responses, it was a night filled with “re’s”: a renewed sense […]

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Memory and Pacifism

…n their neighborhoods. One such man is Shoichi Chibana, a 61-year old activist who became famous for burning the Japanese national flag in 1987, demonstrating his dissent against the Japanese government’s mistreatment of Okinawa. Because of people like Mr. Chibana, Okinawa burns with an aggressive pacifism. Mr. Chibana lives in an area called Yomitanson, 48 percent of which is made up of U.S. bases. He hosts an inn that has attracted scholars, an…

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*Updated* Exciting Events March 3rd-9th

…up hope on the city and therefore nor should we. Cosponsors: Friends of Japan, Columbia Japan Society, Center on Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia Business School, Japanese American Association, Japanese Medical Support Network, Japanese Medical Society of America, and EN Japanese Brasserie. For more information, please visit: Registration has opened:…

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Myanmar’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters

…iet film, set in the steamy green jungle of Burma, was actually my favorite. Bridge on the River Kwai depicts a Japanese POW camp tasked with building a bridge to connect Burma and Thailand in order to help the Japanese transport supplies. The commander of a group of British  POWs, the flinty-eyed Alec Guinness, obsessively pours all of his hard work into the bridge, intending  to prove to the Japanese the superiority of British organization, di…

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Events 02/02 – 02/08

by Wednesday, February 4th Chinese Dreams and Chinese Nightmares, 1989 to 2014 2:10pm – 4:00pm International Affairs Building, Room 1219 Please join the Harriman Institute for a talk by Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Department of History, University of California Irvine. This talk is part of the Harriman Institute Core Project 2014-2015: Learning from Transition: From the Local to the Global. How has the Chinese Communist […]

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