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The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant

by Map of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (WikiCommons) About a month ago, Al-Qaeda forces in Iraq successfully re-captured the city of Fallujah, signaling to onlookers a pervasive spread of militant jihadism in the already war-torn country. Despite the withdrawal of American troops, for the Iraqis, the war is still actively being fought, with Al-Qaeda rapidly gaining strength. Motivated by a staunch opposition to Nouri al-Maliki…

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Al-Hashimi Shows Cracks in U.S. Iraq Plan

…ed with religiously-motivated gangs. Yes, it is an absolutely terrible and absurd scenario. But this week one of Iraq’s two vice presidents, Tariq al-Hashimi, was sentenced to death in absentia for his role in organizing death squads that targeted the country’s majority Shia Muslim population. Al-Hashemi fled the country weeks ago and has since taken refuge in Turkey. Addressing the Iraqi people recently from a press-conference conduc…

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With Arms Wide Open: The Threat of Iranian Arms Trafficking

…rt its revolution lie in its rather awkward and precarious strategic position. During the American occupation in Iraq, Tehran faced the reality that “the Great Satan” had military forces on both borders. Across the Gulf lies Saudi Arabia, another ideological and geopolitical rival. In Afghanistan, the Taliban are enemies of the United States yet also enemies of Iran. Indeed, Afghanistan is one of three countries—including Iraq and Pakistan—that c…

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No Man’s Land

…ons and widespread international condemnation compelled the U.S. to end its operations for good. But not for the Iraqis. Even after American withdrawal, the war in Iraq continues, often violently and indiscriminately against innocent civilians, most of them pilgrims paying their respects in mosques, which are considered to be a sanctuary. Some about-to-be victims are seen in the business sectors of Mosul and Baghdad shopping for food, not knowing…

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A Question of Vision

…, Democrats raised in the “Vietnam era of activists never were calling for the US to withdraw [immediately] from Iraq” and, thanks to a unified party front, Kerry was able to forcefully attack the incumbent on his most glaring policy failure. This paid political dividends: what had once been seen as political gold for Bush had clearly become a liability. On election day, 15 percent of voters cited Iraq as the most important issue, and Bush won on…

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The Challenges of Limited War 2.0

…hile the never-again camp became vocal again following the Vietnam War and once more during and after the second Iraq War, there can be no doubt that limited war is an accepted strategy today.  But whereas the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were limited wars in the Vietnam/Korea mold — prolonged stalemates that required a relatively high degree of commitment — the intervention in Libya, and more recently in the Syria/Iraq theater have b…

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Apology Accepted?

…en they hear one. In a recent interview, Barbara Walters asked Bush whether he believed the American invasion of Iraq was “worth it” despite inspectors’ failure to discover weapons of mass destruction. The President’s answer was an unhesitant “absolutely.” Since then, and in all the time America has maintained a military presence in Iraq, the President has offered “no regrets” about any of his decis…

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Iran on the Brink

…ued sanctions. With regard to allies, the Bush Administration would have to garner more support than it did with Iraq. While it must lead the effort to deter and contain a nuclear-armed Iran, the US cannot afford to allow the Europeans to sit on the sidelines. The Bush Administration, however, lost much of its credibility after the WMD faux pas in Iraq and it could be difficult to construct a unified US-EU policy toward a nuclear Iran. But this s…

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Slick Dealings

…ruggling to remain in power in 1990. Regardless of whether its motivation was or wasn’t oil, Jordan’s backing of Iraq provided only a short term solution to its energy needs. The US-backed invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime led to the loss of sizable oil subsidies from Iraq, putting Jordan in a vulnerable situation with respect to energy needs. King Abdullah of Jordan, who inherited the throne from his father in 1999…

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Obama’s Stick: Big Enough?

…into the White House equipped with a well-defined foreign policy. In a 2007 speech, Obama emphasized ending the Iraq War and strengthening the alliances and partnerships needed to meet common challenges and confront common threats. Obama has effected these goals to a degree – the Bush-era Iraq War has come to a close, burgeoning defense spending has produced the world’s most advanced army, and Obama has opted for multilateral cooperation in the…

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