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Crisis Up Close

…lted in a tremendous symbolic victory against policies that had been proclaimed to be the natural and inevitable evolution of the free market. This interruption in the grand narrative of market-oriented reform pushed by international financial institutions led to the events that would definitively rupture the old system of governance. After barely edging out Evo Morales for the presidency in the 2002 elections, right-wing politician Gonzalo Sanch…

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What Delayed Peru’s Leftist Turn: Neoliberal Policy Stickiness and Sociopolitical Situation

…of its neighbors, Bolivia and Ecuador, did experience turns to the Left in the 2000s. In 2005, Bolivians elected Evo Morales of the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) as their president, and, in 2006, Ecuadorians elected Rafael Correa of the Alianza Patria Altiva I Soberana (Alianza PAIS), marking a dramatic shift in economic and social policy in both countries. Often grouped together due to their location in the heart of the Andes Mountains, these t…

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The Case Against the Cuban Embargo

…ut of the second Argentinian government default since 2001. The summer 2013 forced landing of Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane similarly demonstrated the degree to which the United States continues to push around its Latin American neighbors even after its military incursions of the 20 th century have stopped. By removing the embargo and establishing diplomatic ties with Cuba, the United States would relieve itself of long-standing regional…

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Dammed If You Do, Dammed If You Don’t

…defeated after indigenous groups and opposing politicians marched on the Presidential Palace, forcing President Evo Morales into the awkward position of opposing the interests of the native populations he claims to represent. Unfortunately for concerned parties, governments have a pretty good track record in getting these infrastructure initiatives passed. Victories like the Bolivian highway are few and far between. It appears that, for the time…

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Umm… lo siento, no entender. No hablar español!

…Paraguay (itself a Guaraní word), Guaraní is a derivative of the language of the Tupi tribal group.  In Bolívia, Evo Morales’ first language was Aymara, which is co-official with Spanish and Quechua, the original tongue of the Inca Empire. Some estimate that Quechua has nearly 10 million speakers. Closer to home, Mexico City’s Mayor Marcelo Ebrard launched a 2006 initiative to have all city employees learn Nahuatl, the indigenous language of the…

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Greener and Greater For Some

by PlaNYC’s deadline for achieving 132 initiatives and 400 milestones looms near: December 31 of this year, and I’m not impressed. With PlaNYC, Mayor Bloomberg hopes to accomplish what looks to be a huge victory for the sustainable development of New York City. That is, a huge victory for parts of New York City. I’m left wondering about the rest of the city. PlaNYC’s outline to create, “a greener, greater New York” has left some commun…

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