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First Nations, Last Hope

…Queen, ceding title to their land while maintaining a government-to-government relationship with the Dominion of Canada. This practice has resulted in eleven numbered treaties signed between 1871 and 1930 spanning a huge geography, from the Yukon to Ontario. Although the word “treaty” with respect to First Nations is often a euphemism for “swindle,” treaties are nonetheless essential to the structure, function, and economic well-being of Canada a…

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License to Spill

…t climate change more generally. The XL extension, a seven billion dollar pipeline, would stretch 875 miles from Canada, crossing Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma, before ending in Texas. It would transport 830,000 barrels of diluted or crude oil per day to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. The oil in the pipeline would be extracted from the Alberta tar sands in northern Canada, which contain a vast quantity of bitumen, a sol…

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Dire Straits

by Illustrations by Amalia Rinehart Ever since Egypt’s great Pharaonic dynasties and through the successive apogees of Athens, Rome, and Istanbul, the Mediterranean Sea has been at the world’s political center, constantly in the grip of global powers. Thanks to its geographical position, the Mediterranean basin has played a critical role in commercial and cultural exchanges between mighty Asia, old Europe, and the great new world. How…

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Pipe Dream: How Environmentalists Stopped Keystone but Ignored an Oil Revolution

…w 1,179-mile shortcut in a web of existing pipelines that stretch nearly 3,000 miles from oil fields in Alberta, Canada, to refineries and ports on the Gulf of Mexico. From its initial proposal in 2008, the project was a central issue for the American environmental movement. National environmental groups argued that Keystone would accelerate climate change by facilitating high-emission “tar sands” oil production in Canada, while local activists a…

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Anyone remember the FTAA?

…to increased economic growth and employment. NAFTA  – the trilateral trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico – since its inception has resulted in a threefold increase in trade between the US and Canada and a quadrupling of trade between the US and Mexico. While environmental and human rights concerns are important and need to be addressed, it is undeniable that NAFTA and other free trade agreements are vital in an increasi…

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Kyotastrophe – the Kyoto Protocol’s Inequitable Failure

by Rising temperatures. Wild hurricanes. Severe droughts. Disappearing shorelines. Shrinking ice caps. Climate change is an urgent test presented to every person living on the planet—and right now, we are failing. Unlike two decades ago, when a true/false response could withstand electoral pressures, political leaders today are expected to have answers to a far more intimidating question: What should we do to reduce the speed of climat…

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Interview with President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves

by Estonia, nestled in northern Europe, is a small nation with a population of only 1,300,000, the size of the city of San Diego. Estonia’s small size prevents it from giving rise to such global industrial powerhouses as BMW from Germany, Samsung from Korea, and Sony from Japan, with the natural consequence that international name recognition remains an elusive aspiration for Estonia. Yet Estonia, in less than 25 years, has become a gl…

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Contradicting Colombia?

…policy and the perennial thorn of Cuba underscored the testy environment of the meetings. The United States and Canada rejected a proposal proposed by several Latin American leaders, including a charged statement from Raúl Castro himself. The US and Canada were the only two countries who opposed Cuba’s participation – further exacerbating rifts with Latin American leaders, who see American policy toward the island nation as a dated, relic of the…

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by “I don’t drink Starbucks.” That used to be my mantra. They had destroyed Spinelli’s and were squeezing Martha’s, and I did not appreciate it. It wasn’t that I did not love their orange-mocha frappuccinos (I did), but I felt like buying their coffee would be an unforgivable breach of my ethical codes. Today, I’m an addict. What changed? I heard about their contributions to local communities and their—supposedly—great labor practices…

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Briefing: Global Energy Policy

by Despite the efforts of global institutions, energy policy in the developing world continues to be driven by geology, engineering, and economics, not climate change, But it must be recognized that the developing world comes in many shapes and sizes, and the world is in the midst of a carbon-based energy revolution. Dramatically large carbon-based energy resources—oil and gas—have been discovered over the past decade or so around the…

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