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A Seat at the Table

by from Wikimedia Commons Last year at the Barnard Commencement address, President Obama forcefully encouraged the young graduates to “fight for your seat at the table.” At first glance, the Barnard administration seems to support the struggle for female empowerment, sponsoring initiatives including a center for the practice of women’s leadership, and Barnard’s Global Symposium, a series with powerful women leaders. But being an…

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Obama’s Politicized Commencement Speech

…mpant at a women’s liberal arts college in New York City, where many women do hold similar political viewpoints. Barnard President Debora Spar, in an interview on MSNBC, boldly told the show’s hostess that “they’re [Barnard students] all huge fans [of Obama].”  Is that true? Can the president of Barnard College say, in good faith, that every single one of her students is a fan of President Barack Obama? Are we that unindividual? Or are we just a…

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Barnard Finally Gives Workers Respect

…that we inhabit a space together.” Looking back on our impact, I realize that though our group Students Support Barnard Workers only lasted for a month, so much was accomplished. We flyered all over both campuses, knocked on doors all over Barnard, and talked to thousands of people. For our first public meeting 100 students showed up. That momentum carried forward to our “celebration action” at Founders’ day, drawing the ire of Public Safety, wh…

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Political Minutes: Barnard Workers UAW 2110

…s On a dark, cold Monday evening nearly a hundred students, faculty member, and union organizers sat together at Barnard in the group’s first sign of solidarity. The struggle, pitting Barnard President Debora Spar against 130 of the lowest paid employees on campus, will determine whether these workers get to maintain basic labor rights ranging from serious cuts to healthcare and maternity leave to controversial proposals like the elimination of s…

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Political Minutes: Barnard Workers at Founder’s Day

…t arbitration and maternity leave. Given these uncertainties, a group of about 15 students from Students Support Barnard Workers dressed in black and joined the Founders’ Day celebrations at Barnard College to give out information on the crisis. Organizers felt Founders’ Day was the perfect venue for raising consciousness because it is day dedicated to the ostensible mission of Barnard-the empowerment of women. They felt that since the administra…

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The Shared Hypocrisy of Rahm and Barnard

…d these attacks? The first thing to do is to look at the facts. The office workers and dorm-access attendants at Barnard have been fighting for a fair contract for months—the Barnard administration has stonewalled and demanded huge cuts. Mind-boggingly, last week Barnard President Debora Spar herself wrote, “Of course, companies should strive to create generous maternity leaves,” and “…keep fighting the proverbial fights—better day care, better f…

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Obama’s Non-political Women Speech

…has faced and see that you can achieve whatever you strive for. Over the last couple of weeks many Columbia and Barnard students have discussed the president coming to campus with a myriad of views. One common opinion was that Obama’s choice of Barnard was a purely political calculation to gain a larger amount of the women’s vote and nothing more. Now as a Barnard rising junior and political science major this always made me laugh. Every public…

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Barnard Columbia Divest and the Resurgence of the Left

by photo from Wikimedia Commons Something exciting is happening on campus. Though students sleeping in Butler may not have noticed, Columbia’s once proud tradition of activism is starting to revive itself. Student Worker Solidarity, after helping win a new contract for the Barnard clerical workers, has been working on many new campaigns at the request of workers, both on and off campus. Before launching a massive get-out-the-vote oper…

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*Updated* Events: 9/16 – 9/21

by The following list is drawn from the Columbia University Events Calendar, available here: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Justice in the Home: Domestic Work Past, Present, and Future All Week Barnard College Event Oval, The Diana Center Research about domestic
 work, domestic workers, and domestic-worker organizing 
is an abundant and growing field. The attention garnered
 by domestic workers

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Oiled Up and Ready To Go

…parison, 5.5 percent of the University of California’s $7.1 billion endowment is invested in fossil fuels, while Barnard’s Chief Operating Officer Greg Brown said that less than four percent of Barnard’s $215.5 million endowment (separate from Columbia’s) is invested in fossil fuels. Many studies suggest that, in general, divestment would have little or no impact on returns. Fossil fuel investments may be lucrative, but they are also volatile: On…

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