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Operation Set-the-Record-Straight

…em ineffective. As soon as these claims hit the public domain, H.B. Gary and Aaron Barr became prime targets for Anonymous. H.B. Gary found itself wrecked and ravaged within 24 hours of Barr’s statements. The company that prided itself on cyber security had its files seized, sensitive materials publicized, and its website defaced. Adding insult to injury, immediately after the operation, Anonymous announced that a 16 year old girl compromis…

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Debtors Anonymous

by A raging addiction. A fall from great heights. A shocking meltdown before the eyes of the world. No, I’m not talking about Charlie Sheen, I’m talking about the rest of us. I am happy to report that the United States has not yet reached the “tiger blood” phase of its addiction to deficit spending—the point at which hope really begins to fade—but we’re getting there. The sheer numbers involved are oft-repeated, but nevertheless astoun…

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by Illustration by Esha Maharishi We have learned by now to expect and to fear the masked army of the internet: Anonymous. It makes the consumer aware of the volatility of his privacy, at a time when our intense networking and the establishment of facial profiling and information databases have made our privacy disappear.  By toying with the digital presence of Sony and the CIA, Anon has established the faceless mass as a player, howe…

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The Wizard of DoS

by The Anonymous raid on HB Gary acted as a dam buster. It revealed that the institutions we place high on moral pedestals are working in the dark to conduct clandestine operations that violate federal law. Government agencies have encouraged private entities to commit felonies by launching cyber-attacks on other private organizations like WikiLeaks. In addition, the files Anonymous sequestered from HB Gary included correspondences wit…

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They Know You’re Reading This

…surveillance than I do. I still have, somewhere in the back of my head, this sense that the Net’s supposed to be anonymous, and that while it’s trying at every turn to become less anonymous, I should be able to sort of carve out and protect myself. If your first experience of the Net was Facebook, where the first thing you do is show up with your real name, as opposed to my first experience with the Net, which were MOOs and Usenet, where the impo…

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Occupation Nation

…alues it imposes is tearing apart our most meaningful social bonds. To extract ourselves from this mainstream of anonymous products and even more anonymous labor requires a radical kind of re-evaluation. To occupy is to create a sanctuary against the advances of and exploitation status quo. It is to create a space of resistance and creativity protected by the presence of our own bodies. And this is why, although some have been calling this moveme…

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To Serve and Protect?

by from Wikimedia Commons Again? The New York Police Department has killed another young person of color? Last week, the NYPD murdered Noel Polanco, just 22 years old. He was unarmed. He was driving home from work. The police say he was speeding and driving erratically, but news reports and the witnesses in his car point to a different story; the NYPD had road rage and took it out on this innocent man. And why not? The NYPD has already…

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Political Minutes: Cory Booker

by photo from Wikimedia Commons An audience almost filling Altschul Auditorium to capacity listened attentively to its speaker Tuesday night. But he wasn’t a political science teacher. Talking to Columbia students Tuesday night on behalf of the Kenneth Cole Foundation, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey discussed love, hope, change, and this generation’s imperative to tackle the hard issues. The Kenneth Cole Foundation seeks to e…

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Melting the Snowball Effect

by From Wikimedia Commons Bad job numbers, the president’s not so “fine” gaffe, a failed recall attempt in Wisconsin, a plethora of White House scandals – and to top it all off, Mitt Romney, the guy who two months ago elicited no more than a deferential shrug from the average Republican, out-fundraised the Obama campaign by over $16 million in May. Altogether, the news is daunting to Democrats and harmful to the president’s re-e…

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Capitalizing on Coal

by The first convicts sent down under arrived in 1788, and within twenty years, capitalizing on the land’s natural resources, they were exporting coal to India. A carbon economy is part of the Australian culture, and recent attempts by the government to regulate emissions have polarized both society and political leaders. Both advocates and opponents of a carbon tax credit have organized rallies over the past two years. More recently,…

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