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Defeatism Denied

…not only that the best days of Western democracy are far behind us, but also China’s global hegemony in the next century is written in the stars. Many already speak of the twenty-first century as “The Chinese Century.” This is presented in concert to the conventional wisdom that the twentieth century was “The American Century” and the nineteenth century was “The British Century.” There is no doubt that China will be a major global player in the n…

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First Nations, Last Hope

…ng from an incomplete understanding of what dispossessing First Nations’ of their lands has truly entailed. This century-long mistake seems to forget, or even ignore, the fact that it is cultural and intellectual property rights that make First Nations’ land claims meaningful. Culture and indigenous intellectual property, like the land, were wrested away from First Nations through insidious, institutionalized efforts throughout the twentieth cent…

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(My) Impending Healthcare Crisis

…ealth insurance has existed since the idea and practice of organized medicine came about at the turn of the 20th century. From the time that progressive reformers were gaining support for their health insurance advocacy, physicians and other interest groups have opposed the initiative for national healthcare. Throughout the twentieth century, the American health insurance reform movement has infiltrated the national conversation. But complicatedl…

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Sleep After Election Day

…arly as the 1920s, but he held out hope that citizens would deliberate again. He was wrong. From the turn of the twentieth century onwards, American politics has operated within a liberal framework, and active, deliberative citizenship has continued its long decline in both theory and reality. It’s true that major groups of citizens have made their voices heard in the twentieth century through mass organized efforts like the women’s suffrage and…

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Evolution and Revolution

…sources while the majority wallows in squalor and poverty. After the Golden Age, which lasted until the mid-13th century C.E., the Middle East was subjected to invader after invader, from the Mongols and Ottomans to the colonial British and French empires. After the partition of the Ottoman Empire, the artificial lines carved in the sand by Orientalist mapmakers during the early twentieth century formed the basis for modern nation-states cutting…

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Befriending the Bear

…. At several points in its history, Russia has been invaded by outside forces, from the Swedes in the eighteenth century to the French armies of Napoleon in the nineteenth century and finally twice by Germany in the twentieth century. In all these encounters, and particularly during the Second World War, the Russians suffered great losses—Soviet casualties in World War II were estimated to be over 24 million, more than all the other belligerents…

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The Wright Stuff

…f the relationship between the built form and its underlying ecosystem. In a show whose scope stretches across a century of architectural history, the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit In Situ: Architecture and Landscape explores the sprawling variety of attitudes towards nature expressed in modern building design. The models and designs on display—among which are two of Wright’s own plans—serve as a catalog of 20th century architectural fancy, from…

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An Inconvenient Choice

…e Guardian When Charles Marlow made his way up the Congo in search of the notorious Mr. Kurtz at the turn of the twentieth century, he described the land as one of impenetrable jungle, a steamy, dense, green world to which white man had very little access. Over a hundred years later, the landscape immortalized by Joseph Conrad has been remarkably well preserved. While the Congo’s forest may have remained in tact for millennia, the world has lost…

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Mark Rudd — Activism and the Weather Underground

…ractive heroic ones. As for nonviolent strategy, you’re right, it is one of the great contributions of the twentieth century to world history, and yet we underrated its achievements. “Black Power,” for example, as espoused by Malcolm X and others, seemed more radical in its tactics as well as its analysis than nonviolent integration. To us, nonviolence was “wimpy,” while “picking up the gun” had a virile,…

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*Updated* Exciting Events March 3rd-9th

…im history, and that too only of kings and their courts.  Once politics began to dominate undivided India in the twentieth century, the Pakistan “freedom movement” of course – and not the movement for independence from British colonialism for all Indian peoples – shaped this discourse more teleologically. The problems of teaching history to Pakistanis by trained historians in Pakistan has given rise to a different set of i…

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