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Events: 11/10 – 11/16

…published several important books in recent years Violence et civilit and La Proposition de l’galibert in 2011 (the latter now translated as Equaliberty: Political Essays), Citoyen sujet et autres essais d’anthropologie philosophique in 2011, and Saeculum: culture, religion, idologie in 2011. This conference will further develop these analyses, bringing together some of the participants from the Paris meeting with other scholars work…

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Michael Ard

by Michael Ard, CC ‘13, is an EALAC major. He is CPR’S Asian affairs correspondent. Feel free to email him at with suggestions, questions, and fan mail.   Same Old “New” CCP October 2, 2012 10:00 pm This trial, however, has nothing to do with corruption, bribery, or murder committed by a party member. It has everything to do […]

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Taking Aim at Neutrality: Upholding the Principle of Medical Non-interference in Syria

…time. PHR has compiled the attacks against medical personnel in Syria since the start of the Syrian Uprising in 2011. According to PHR, 88 percent of the 233 attacks on hospitals since March 2011 have been made by government forces, using various methods ranging from barrel bombs to arson. Erin Gallagher, Director of Emergency Investigations and Response at PHR, claims that the figures are actually conservative estimates based on verified report…

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What Delayed Peru’s Leftist Turn: Neoliberal Policy Stickiness and Sociopolitical Situation

by The new millennium marked an era of major political change in Latin America. Beginning with Hugo Chávez’s 1998 electoral victory in Venezuela, the region has witnessed an unprecedented, yet lasting, turn toward the Left. Within a span of ten years, over two-thirds of the countries in the region elected leftist presidents, forcing the world to recognize the political ascendance of the Left as the new Latin American reality. This left…

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Events 04/13-04/18

by Monday, Apr 13th The Columbia Academic Symposium in International Relations with Jamie Kirchick: A Critical Response Monday, April 13, 2015 – 10:30am  – 6 :00pm CIRCA Academics held the annual Columbia Academic Symposium in International Relations on the 11th of April this year, hosting accomplished journalist Jamie Kirchick, best known for breaking the story on Texas Senator Ron Paul’s homophobic and racist newsletters,…

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Events 03/02-03/08

…considerable media experience being the head of the Central Asia Institute for Economic Strategies from 2007 to 2011, where she launched a popular economic magazine, Vox Populi, and edited a quarterly academic business magazine, Economic StrategiesCentral Asia. In 2011 she was Kzakhstan country director of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR). She holds a bachelors degree in international relations and earned her executive master of…

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License to Spill

…er per barrel rail shipment costs.” The State Department has been overly optimistic about rail in the past. In a 2011 report, it wrote that “shipment of conventional or oil sands crude in Canada is arguably just now reaching a takeoff point…the implication is that we could see a growing scale of shipment of crude by rail in the next one to two years.” This prediction has not been fulfilled. In 2011, refineries in the Gulf Coast processed 150,000…

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**Events March 24-30**

by Tuesday, March 25 The Buddhist Puzzle: Inclusionary Doctrines, Exclusionary Politics 4:00pm – 6:00pm Columbia University Morningside Campus International Affairs Building, room 918 Join us for a conversation between Alfred Stepan and Duncan McCargo on their forthcoming article in the Journal of Democracy, The Buddhist Puzzle: Inclusionary Doctrines, Exclusionary Politics. To read a copy of the article prior to this conversation, please […]

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Independent Goals

by by Chloe Blanchard Pre-game // Antes del Partido // Abans del Partit “There cannot be much doubt that the whole thing is bound up with the rise of nationalism – that is, with the lunatic modern habit of identifying oneself with large power units and seeing everything in terms of competitive prestige.” —George Orwell, “The Sporting Spirit” (1945) “It’s a defeat, not a humiliation,” insisted new Real Madrid coach José Mou…

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