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The Uncertain Path Ahead in the Middle East

…yearly increases between 2008 and 2011. Although it was denied, during an official to Islamabad in mid-February Saudi Arabia’s crown prince conveyed a request for Pakistani troops to deploy to the Gulf state. Given the speculation that if Iran goes nuclear, Saudi Arabia would follow with Pakistani help (either by transferring the technology or the weapons themselves), the request for Pakistani troop deployments is even more troubling than the in…

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Amidst Upheaval, a Land of Opportunity

by Over the past three years, the Arab uprisings have sown a land of feast and famine in the Middle East.  Across the region, the downfall of old regimes and power structures has unhinged traditional geopolitical relationships and has allowed for the emergence of new players and strategic cooperation. For some, like al-Qaeda and the Kurdish populations, the general deterioration of regional security has allowed for greater autonomy, mo…

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A Mecca of Science

…n. The Saudi elite has certainly shown a willingness to flex its financial muscle on this institution. So how is Saudi Arabia reconciling its forthcoming scientific revolution with the conservative interpretations of Shari’a that pervade the nation’s religious police? Saudi Arabia’s other universities are segregated, and the nation houses the world’s largest women’s-only university with over 50,000 students, Princess Nora University. KAUST, howev…

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Don’t Worry Yet

…eal that was recently halted. So long as the United States is able to maintain its policy that offers Israel and Saudi Arabia leverage over Iran, it will claim to continue supporting democratization movements. Morsi’s visit to Saudi Arabia does not sever Egypt’s relations with the United States. And nor does it imply a shift towards radical Islam. After all, Saudi Arabia still remains a staunch ally of the United States despite its flagrant human…

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ISIS and Islamophobia

…ome of Maher’s previous statements, points out that placing Turkey or Bangladesh in the same category as Iran or Saudi Arabia, simply because they follow Islam, is outrageous. The values held by these communities are so incredibly distinguished and unique that to generalize on religion is simply bigoted. Even setting Saudi Arabia and Iran—seen as the two most conservative and “extreme” Muslim countries—as equivalents is incorrect. The Wahabi’ism…

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Olympics Mean Nothing Politically Anymore

by Historically, the Olympics have been a hotbed of diplomatic hostilities. In response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Jimmy Carter announced that the U.S. would be boycotting the Moscow Olympics in 1980. Four years later, the Soviets announced their retaliation-boycott of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, on the allegation that the U.S. government would not sufficiently protect U.S.S.R. athletes and may even actively ha…

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Ever the Emir

by from Wikimedia Commons In their last debate before Election Day, President Obama and Mitt Romney argued over issues in foreign policy – and by issues in foreign policy, I mean issues in the Middle East. The debate was fully dominated by talk of the region, including the civil war in Syria, the growing threat of a nuclear Iran, and the winding-down war in Afghanistan. But despite the overwhelming focus on the Middle East, noticeably…

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Briefing: Global Energy Policy

by Despite the efforts of global institutions, energy policy in the developing world continues to be driven by geology, engineering, and economics, not climate change, But it must be recognized that the developing world comes in many shapes and sizes, and the world is in the midst of a carbon-based energy revolution.  Dramatically large carbon-based energy resources—oil and gas—have been discovered over the past decade or so around the…

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A Lesson from Libya

by From Wikimedia Commons Last week, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman coauthored an op-ed  that advocates that the United States arm Syria’s rebels. They argued that Syria’s rebels are not on a level playing field – al-Assad has a modern army and friends like Russia and China – and that, in the long run, the U.S. is in the best position if it curries favor with rebel groups now. For similar reasons, I agree. The senators…

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With Arms Wide Open: The Threat of Iranian Arms Trafficking

by In February, the United States Navy and Yemeni security forces seized a shipment of allegedly Iranian-made shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles heading to Houthi insurgents in Yemen. Far from a one-time incident, it is symptomatic of a larger and more disturbing trend in the region. Through the Quds force—a mix of an intelligence agency and special forces— Iran has begun providing significant support to various groups across the Mi…

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