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Invisible Notecards

by One of my first assignments at Columbia, for University Writing, was to sit in Bryant Park for an afternoon and write about my experience there. I hopped on the subway and headed downtown excited, eager to discover some wonderful secret of New York City. However, when I arrived at the park, I was immediately taken aback by the scene of poverty before my eyes. Instead of glamorous fashion or an urban oasis, I found a sick, elderly wo…

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The Business of Politics

by Alex Angert Mike Bloomberg is breaking down walls at City Hall. Literally. With no walls to separate the rows of desks lining the room, the atmosphere resembles a frenetic, high-energy trading floor more than a government office. Bloomberg’s desk—the command center for the operation—sits directly in the middle of the room, right in the heart of the action. Bloomberg lifted the concept of the “bullpen environment” directly from his…

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Silicon Implant

by Illustration by Thuto Somo Protestors, slogans, police ­– Wall Street has not seen this kind of exuberance in a long time. The city’s past and present financial powers now meet on Wall Street in the shadow of the World Trade Center memorial – what is a symbol of American strength and unity in the face of mortal terror is now home to discontent and protests.  The message shouted in Zuccotti Park and disseminated through the web may…

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Touchdown on 34th Street

by Illustration by Katherine Isokawa For a long time, the far West Side of Manhattan was ignored by city planning. It developed into a neighborhood of low-rise houses, businesses, and factories. But in the past few years, the city has turned its attention back to that part of town, seeing it as the best way to expand midtown. While the entire proposal has stirred controversy, one aspect of it, a planned stadium for either the Olympics…

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New York’s Bloomberg Problem

…nization while also being in office signifies a broken political financial system Bloomberg’s tenure as Mayor of New York City was therefore a betrayal of the citizens’ of New York City’s trust. So what is there to do? Although the Moreland Commission examined charities and their involvement with political entities, it only investigated them for the mis-direction of funds benefitting a family member. In order to end this pervasive trend of polit…

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Jazz, Jail, and the New Jim Crow

by by Justin Walker In Harlem, 1948, a five-year-old Joseph “Jazz” Hayden attended his first day of school. There, he read Dick and Jane in a snap, having practiced by reading ads on subways and trolley cars as he accompanied his mother to her jobs as a domestic worker. Jazz was so proud of his reading accomplishments that he asked his teacher if he could take the book home to read to his mother. The teacher said yes, but that he had…

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Gentrification or Economic Development?

…Citibank on Broadway and 111th. But change, even in its most radical stages, has always been an integral part of New York City. Before Columbia moved its campus to Morningside Heights, for instance, this area was the site of the Bloomingdale Insane Asylum. Now, it is an area teeming with research, opportunities, and business, a vital resource to the neighborhood and to the greater New York City area. Similarly, the Manhattanville expansion will b…

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“It’s Good to be the King”

by Columbia Political Review: What do you think the gravest problem facing New York City is? What do you think New Yorkers’ biggest concern is? Congressman Anthony Weiner (D): The gravest problem facing New York is that our economic engine has stalled, and some of it is because those of us in government haven’t recognized that the true DNA of New York is not only finance and insurance and real estate, but also the energy, innovation, a…

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Schoolhouse Crock

by Illustration by Aaron Rosenberg Visit any elementary classroom at a public school in New York City this year, and you will find only the finest student artwork and writing assignments papering the walls. It’s no surprise—bulletin board guidelines permit only the best work to be displayed. These guidelines are part of an education initiative begun this year to standardize curricula at public schools. Proponents of the standardized c…

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Greener and Greater For Some

…h PlaNYC, Mayor Bloomberg hopes to accomplish what looks to be a huge victory for the sustainable development of New York City. That is, a huge victory for parts of New York City. I’m left wondering about the rest of the city. PlaNYC’s outline to create, “a greener, greater New York” has left some communities still waiting to see the vast improvements the government promised. The Greener, Greater Buildings Plan in the Housing and Neighborhoods se…

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