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Stand By Me

…its newfound economic prowess and growing military might, an emboldened India is in the throes of voicing a new foreign policy doctrine for the 21st century. As pragmatism overpowers a traditionally quixotic and nationalistic external outlook, the new direction of Indian foreign policy is encouraging and refreshing. Nevertheless, the lingering threat of a flawed and archaic non-alignment policy threatens to squander the world of opportunity that…

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A Question of Vision

…ing back against Swift Boat Vets—ultimately stem from the big unspoken problem: when it comes to the politics of foreign policy, the party of Roosevelt is decidedly overmatched. Screw the economy; it’s the foreign policy, stupid. This is not to say the Democrats should give up on being fiscally responsible and on forging a vision of equality and economic security—it’s just that the biggest issue right now in American political culture is what to…

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A Fresh Order of Domino Theory

…heory. No lessons were learned and no repercussions were felt. As it was no longer a relevant (or authenticated) foreign policy, domino theory disapeared from the Western policy dialogue. However, unbeknownst to the West, domino theory endured. I consider the Soviet-Afghan war to be the initial transition of domino theory, from a US foreign policy to a Russian one. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia inherited the same concerns of i…

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Do Obama and Romney Even Know What Foreign Policy Is?

…ice. It is easy to criticize security failures; it is hard to guarantee consistent success. It is easy to debate foreign policy; it is hard to actually have a foreign policy. President Obama continues to cite specific successes without doing the hard thing and articulating a fuller narrative. Mr. Romney continues to criticize the President’s “apologetic” foreign policy, without articulating an actionable alternative. The president must realize th…

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Acknowledging the Americas

…an regional integration. At the same time, he has called for the United States to remain a central figure in his foreign policy and for US diplomats to “reshuffle their cards” and revitalize their attention to the Americas. In both Colombia and Chile, the reality is neither submission nor rejection; both countries remain strong, but not unconditional, allies of the United States. They increasingly expand the range of their foreign policy in order…

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Lessons From Mali

…ous joke “Who do I call if I want to contact Europe?” In no other policy field is this question as salient as in foreign policy. The Lisbon Treaty of 2009 was supposed to be the answer to this question: the position of “High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security” was supposed to embody European foreign policy. Catherine Ashton, the first person to hold this position has however inherited a difficult position. Uniting the fo…

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Putting Foreign Policy Back on the Map

…can. Remember Bush’s pet projects? Or even Obama’s gamble in Libya? I know I do, but for some reason foreign policy still hasn’t entered the campaign discourse at all. Really, since the September 11 Benghazi attacks, you might think that the world is made of the U.S. and Libya, and maybe a few other countries in the Middle East. Hunting the alleged masterminds behind the Benghazi attacks is not a foreign policy though. Neither i…

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…able, are no worse than those made during the Bush years. While some are now praising Obama for his successes in foreign policy, they have seemingly forgotten that President Obama’s decisions bear little resemblance to the policies on which Senator Obama ran.  Is this the foreign policy driven by “reason” and “principle” that he advocated? How can we assess long-term safety, when a quieter American aggression continues to foment anti-Americanism…

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Rigging the System

…e the cases of Aceh and Kurdistan illustrate the continued influence multinational oil corporations have over US foreign policy in regions where fossil fuels are involved, their foreign policy involvement has steadily decreased over the past few decades as the world’s oil reserves have been nationalized. In contrast to the middle of the twentieth century, when the multinational oil corporations were the sole producers extracting from oil fields a…

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The Ultimate Gamble

by by Sida Chen In June of 2013, Iran will elect a successor to its two-term president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It will be the first presidential election to take place since the Green Revolution of 2009, the scene of mass protests in response to the direct manipulation of Iranian electoral outcomes. As they gained momentum, the protesters were brutally suppressed by Iran’s security forces. Establishment forces in Iran, represented by th…

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