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Waiting for Labor’s Day

…implified the bill by referring to it as “Ohio’s Senate Bill 5, a bill to limit collective bargaining rights for unions.” The influence of the November 8 vote to repeal Senate Bill 5 extends beyond Ohio’s public workers. First, the repeal is a statement in support of all unions, not just unions in the public sector. The largest organization that campaigned for the bill’s repeal, “We are Ohio,” framed the campaign in terms of the bill’s benefits t…

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Ravitch, Khan, Bell, and Noguera on Education

…s, privatization, and deprofessionalization.  CPR: What do you think is and should be the role of teaches’ unions in teacher evaluations? Bell: The main role of unions is to protect due process in terms of teaching and to fight for decent wages and working conditions. I think the unions play a role along with other groups in helping to craft ways of supporting and evaluating teachers that are fair and effective, they don’t play the only rol…

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Political Minutes: Campus Groups Debate Unions

by On Tuesday, March 27, the Columbia Democrats and the Columbia University College Republicans held their final debate of the year, hosted and moderated by the Columbia Political Union.  Representing the Democrats were Sejal Singh, CC ’15, and Austin Heyroth, CC ’15, while Jamie Boothe, CC ’15 argued alone on behalf of CUCR.  Capping off an academic year that has seen wide-ranging CPU debates on the minimum wage, religion in the publi…

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Classroots Activism

…President Karen Lewis insists that the goal of the strike went beyond mere contractual disputes. Teachers’ unions, Lewis said in an interview with Democracy Now, have for too long been complicit in maintaining educational inequity. Critics often paint teachers’ unions as top-down, bureaucratic institutions, an assertion that is not without truth. In the past, these unions have limited much of their activity to defending contract measu…

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Events 02/23-03/01

…7 Please join us for a lecture by Dorota Dakowska on Building Democracy in Europe? Political Foundations and the Unions Enlargement Process.The European Unions enlargements have been analyzed mainly from the institutional and public policy perspective. The case of party political foundations invites us to shed light on the dimension of politics and the way in which the relations between political parties from Central-Eastern and Western Europe we…

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Citizens Standing United

by Photo from C-SPAN3 In his notable dissent in Ligget Co. v Lee (1933), Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis noted that corporations “have brought such concentration of economic power that so-called private corporations are sometimes able to dominate the state.” What Brandeis observed in the twentieth century has again become a threat today. Not since the Gilded Age has money in politics become such a corrosive problem. Through the S…

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Great Barrier Grief

…ump was four fold: low rates of innovation and technological advancement; strong, politically influential labour unions and inefficient working practices; an uncompetitive and heavily subsidised manufacturing sector that focused mainly on the domestic market; and the high cost of infrastructure and utilities. Despite his background, having served as the president of the country’s largest federation of labor unions, the ACTU, Hawke, and his…

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Egypt Forum V: The Return of the Google Executive

by The situation in Cairo is changing daily. When Max posted it seemed as though Tahrir Square was emptying out and Mubarak’s wait-it-out strategy was sapping the will of the protesters. What the world thought was the beginning of a revolution was looking more like a rearrangement of the regime that would revolutionize little for the Egyptian people who craved a transparent, democratic government. However, today, Al Jazeera reported th…

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Walker, Wisconsin Governor

by   This past week, Scott Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin, trounced his Democratic challenger, Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee, in a heavily publicized recall election. Only two years after being elected governor over Barrett, Walker faced recall due to public rage over his legislation that stripped public sector unions of most of their collective bargaining rights. Walker’s margin […]

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Won’t Get Fooled Again

by Pete Townshend put it best: “Meet the new boss – same as the old boss.” The same could apply to Obama’s re-election. Many of those who voted for change in 2008 are now deeply disillusioned with Barack Obama. This is natural, given that his entire candidacy was based on his being the blank slate candidate, a canvas onto which people could project their hopes and desires, and a phenomenon that the President himself has noted. I…

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