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The Cruel Reality of Columbia’s Sexual Assault Policy

…ssault in the entire nation. The report also revealed an equally disturbing statistic about the serial nature of rape, citing a study that found that of the 7% of college men who admitted to committing a rape or attempted rape, “63% of these men admitted to committing multiple offenses, averaging six rapes each.” Given the above statistics, Bollinger’s recently-issued statement regarding sexual assault on campus demonstrates an administrative att…

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A War on Women

…t, in which he pushed to further restrict the exceptions to the Hyde Amendment for federal funding of abortions— rape and incest. He strived to achieve this by claiming that only victims of incest under the age 18 and women subject to “forcible rape” would be eligible for federal aid in paying for abortions. Requiring evidence of physical harm denies victims of statutory or drug rape any federal funding for abortion services. Steph Sterling, a la…

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Highway 270: Missouri

…, who won the Republican nomination for Senate last August, came under fire for outlandish remarks he made about rape. The congressman said that the body of a victim of “legitimate rape” had ways to “shut that whole thing down,” meaning that rape was unlikely to result in pregnancy for biological reasons. The result was instant infamy – Akin fell in polls, and major players of the Republican party, concerned that Akin would jeopardize their chanc…

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Events 10/13 – 10/19

…sit Website. Sexual Violence Response Open House 4:00pm – 7:00pm Alfred Lerner Hall, Room 700 In 1991, the Rape Crisis Center was created as a safe resource on the Columbia campus for survivors and co-survivors of sexual assault. Today, the Sexual Violence Response & Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center continues to expand and evolve with the needs of the campus community. The current phase in the evolution of Sexual Violence Respon…

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Of Anchor Babies and Welfare Queens

…es they have to take the pill for at least one to three months to ensure that they will not get pregnant after a rape. […] The risk of rape is very high, not only by smugglers or by men in their same group, but also by criminals on public buses or on the cargo trains.” The lack of access to legal protection is especially harmful for immigrant women due to their high risk of sexual assault. The only sort of legal interaction they receive is…

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Political Minutes: Sexual Assault in the Military, The Invisible War

by UN Women, FemSex, the Barnard Center for Research on Women, and the New York City Civic Engagement Program came together to screen the documentary The Invisible War on Barnard Campus on Wednesday September 12th, which was followed by a panel discussion. The Invisible War depicts for the viewer the rape-culture of the United States armed forces and what some men and women have experienced when trying to deal with this culture in the…

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The Shared Hypocrisy of Rahm and Barnard

by from Wikimedia Commons A women’s college president demanding drastic cuts to maternity leave for employees? Obama’s former chief of staff attempting to ram through more racist school reform in what some already call an apartheid school system? How can these folks, whom we expect to be leaders in the fight to end sexism and racism, be the ones behind these attacks? The first thing to do is to look at the facts. The office workers an…

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The Grand Old Problem

by photo from Wikimedia Commons President Obama has been reelected to a second term, bringing the lengthy and often nauseating 2012 election to a sound close. As of this writing, President Obama managed to bag all the states he won in 2008, except for Indiana and North Carolina (while it seems like Florida will also go to Obama, they’re still counting votes — no surprises there…). In other words, despite the lengthy and anemic recover…

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Myanmar’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters

by Photo from Wikipedia Commons Over winter vacation, taking a break from blizzards and work, I sat down with my father to watch several old World War II movies. Amidst the nasally drone of the Messerschmitts and Spitfires, the eery thuds of boots storming the beaches of Normandy, and the inspirational “fireside chats” of Roosevelt, a relatively quiet film, set in the steamy green jungle of Burma, was actually my favorite. Bridge on t…

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Highway 270: Wrap-Up

by From Wikimedia Commons This article is the last of a biweekly series called “Highway 270,” which profiled heavily contested states in the 2012 election season. As polling stations open and we await the returns, I offer the last of the “conventional wisdom” for the 2012 presidential election season, as well as my predictions, about which I will probably be sheepishly vague after tomorrow night. In light of CNN’s tremendously helpful…

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