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First Nations, Last Hope

…from First Nations through insidious, institutionalized efforts throughout the twentieth century. And so, treaty negotiations that solely address the “land” issue and do not include a cultural component miss the bigger picture. However, noting that treaty negotiations should not be structured as an exchange of land and money for sovereignty and self-governance does not explain what those negotiations should look like. Modern treaties are not mark…

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An American Revolution: The US and Iran may come to consensus

…rate,” and a “reformer” in the West appears to be directing Iranian foreign policy in a direction toward opening negotiations over its nuclear program with the United States. Whereas under President Ahmadinejad perceptions in Washington and Tehran were guided by the belief that the Iranian nuclear program was either a belligerent threat to regional peace or an expression of national sovereignty, respectively, the prospect for negotiations offers…

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Hold the Position

…light of this unity deal, currently symbolic though it may be, Israel should simply choose to hold no long-term negotiations with either Palestinian faction so long as the deal stands (although combat ceasefire negotiations with Hamas should naturally remain on the table). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was correct to reject the unity government from its beginnings and the idea of negotiations with it, and this should be Israel’s cont…

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Pakistan’s Identity Crisis

by (wikicommons) Few would envy the position Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, now finds himself in. Having continuously vacillated between the antithetical policies of diplomatic negotiations and military actions in his dealings with the Pakistani Taliban (known formally as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan or TTP), the embattled prime minister must now accept the harsh reality that his mission against the terrorist group has la…

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The Raucous Caucasus

by Deep within the mountainous South Caucasus, there is a regional powder keg. For the last 20 years, Armenia and Azerbaijan have been trapped in a struggle over the province of Nagorno-Karabakh (NK), an originally Azerbaijani-controlled, but ethnically Armenian region that, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, declared independence. Sandwiched between oil pipelines and competing interests from Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the…

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Living On a Thin Line

…the P5+1 group (the permanent five members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany) are entering “last chance” negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program in Istanbul this week. Even as the United States and its allies demand that the Iranians close the heavily-fortified Fordow nuclear facility and surrender its enriched uranium, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has asserted that Iran will defend its “nuclear rights.” A breakdown in ne…

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Slick Dealings

…reduced offshore access. The US State Department, in an effort to foster peace in the region, hosted a series of negotiations addressing the Palestinian Authority’s rights to drill, explore, and export gas; however, these negotiations have failed to result in the Palestinian production of gas. As a result, the West Bank and the occupied Palestinian territories remain dependent on Israeli gas. Instead of attempting to empower the Palestinian terri…

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Starting to Listen

…d Germany, who are joined in diplomatic efforts related to Iran’s nuclear program, adopt a new strategy in their negotiations. “The Iranian nuclear program is approaching what the Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, refers to as an Iranian ‘zone of immunity,’” he writes, concluding that the P5+1 are running out of time in their step-by-step negotiations. He suggests putting forth a comprehensive proposal that directly addresses “whether Iran is…

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Campus Conflicts

…t has disappeared from the world stage. The problem: Palestine’s bid for statehood is a blatant attempt to avoid negotiations. Not only does statehood violate earlier agreements, but is also a tremendous steps backwards. In The Declaration of Principles in 1993, both parties agreed, “disputes which cannot be settled by negotiations may be resolved by a mechanism of conciliation to be agreed upon by the parties.” Seven years later, Yasser Arafat a…

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Acknowledging the Americas

by In 2008, President Barack Obama had a clear idea for Latin American foreign policy. The Bush administration, distracted by events in the Middle East, had pursued a harmful hemispheric policy of blustering unilateralism and neglect; Obama, conversely, would pursue a “new partnership” with the Americas, one marked by cooperation and mutual interests. His subsequent election was heralded throughout Latin America as an opportunity to r…

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