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Can America Stomach the Consumption Tax?

…neral welfare by the government or individuals. But notwithstanding the (decreasingly) progressive nature of the income tax, the code already works against lower-income people. For one thing, all of those deductions apply only if a taxpayer “itemizes” each expense, and fewer lower-income taxpayers do so than those with higher incomes. Chris Edwards, the head of tax policy for the libertarian Cato Institute, points out that many low-income people…

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An Impoverished Debate

…e correct formula to tackle poverty had been found. Around 2000, the poverty rate in the United States reached a low of 11.3 percent – within a hair’s breadth of the historical low reached in 1973.  Welfare caseloads shrank throughout the decade by 2 million; there was a 30 percent increase in employment of low-income single mothers, income of low income families rose by 25 percent, and welfare payments constituted a dramatically smaller share of…

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Waiting for Labor’s Day

…ly preceding the financial crisis, from 2005 to 2007, the top 20 percent of the population earned more after-tax income than the entire bottom 80 percent. These numbers by themselves largely discredit any trickle-down theory of economics. This is problematic because income growth among the lower and middle classes creates a culture of spending that stimulates the economy. Workers outside of the upper classes generally spend a relatively high shar…

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The Debt Offensive: Focusing on Austerity

…ement three tax policy changes. Widen our nation’s tax base. Rather than subsist on government handouts, the new lower tax brackets would benefit more from gainful employment (even with taxes) and would necessarily be encouraged to work harder, as would every tax bracket. Distribute taxes (by percentage of income) more evenly around the base. Lower taxes across the board indefinitely. These three policy changes will simplify the tax code, widen t…

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Seeing Through the Fog

…nal wisdom tells us that if employers face a higher cost of labor, they will hire less, or give fewer hours, pay lower wages or fail to survive. If they pay lower wages, this means that those paid the minimum wage are likely to lose their jobs, since their wages can go no lower. However, that theory failed to play out in San Francisco, and there’s no saying for sure that the same wouldn’t happen in the nation as a whole. For Healthy San Francisco…

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A War on Women

…nalogous to the current situation of Americans on Medicaid, who theoretically have health insurance due to their low incomes but are unable to find any specialist willing to see them.  Budgetary cuts to the Medicaid program induced abysmally low rates of reimbursement jointly provided by the state and federal governments to physicians seeing Medicaid patients. Increased restrictions on funding for reproductive services would inevitably result in…

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Invisible Notecards

by One of my first assignments at Columbia, for University Writing, was to sit in Bryant Park for an afternoon and write about my experience there. I hopped on the subway and headed downtown excited, eager to discover some wonderful secret of New York City. However, when I arrived at the park, I was immediately taken aback by the scene of poverty before my eyes. Instead of glamorous fashion or an urban oasis, I found a sick, elderly wo…

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Some Yuan Is Getting Me Down

…uthor with R. Zhao and S. Li of China’s Retreat from Equality, among others. His most recent research deals with income distribution and patterns of income inequality in China. Professor Nathan is currently the Class of 1919 Professor of Political Science at Columbia University, chair of the steering committee of the Center for the Study of Human Rights, co-chair of the board Human Rights in China, and a board member of Freedom House, among many…

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Ravitch, Khan, Bell, and Noguera on Education

…test scores of students from different racial and ethnic groups, as well as students from different extremes of income. Across every standardized testing program, there are large differences favoring students who are white, Asian, or affluent. The most significant predictor of the achievement gap is family income. Children from affluent homes have higher test scores than students from impoverished homes. The best strategies to narrow (and someda…

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by / on December 19, 2011 at 11:45 pm / in Latin America, World

The Chile Winter

by llustration by Maddy Kloss Some of the snapshots from Chile’s ongoing student movement depict a lighthearted mobilization. Led by the charismatic Camila Vallejo, the students have used Twitter and Facebook to stage kiss-a-thons and superhero-themed costume protests. But other images have been more violent. Protesters have taken to the streets and set fire to government buildings and private businesses. In return, they have been bom…

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