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Diplomacy on Ice

…nhagen summits’ limited successes prove this. Be that as it may, almost all developed nations are built on hydrocarbons and uranium. Moreover, should one of them move to a green economy — an estimated 30-year process — they would need hydrocarbons, not wind turbines and solar panels, to make the transition. Some commodities analysts argue that oil and gas prices will not be high enough to fuel an interest in pricey Antarctic resources. In t…

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Events 11/17 – 11/23

…rgy Forum for a presentation and discussion on the implementation of Mexico’s historic reforms to open its hydrocarbons sector to private investment. The event will feature remarks from three senior Mexican government officials: Lourdes Melgar, Deputy Minister of Hydrocarbons, Ministry of Energy; Miguel Messmacher, Deputy Minister of Income, Ministry of Finance; and Juan Carlos Zepeda, Chair Commissioner, National Hydrocarbons Commission….

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Dire Straits

by Illustrations by Amalia Rinehart Ever since Egypt’s great Pharaonic dynasties and through the successive apogees of Athens, Rome, and Istanbul, the Mediterranean Sea has been at the world’s political center, constantly in the grip of global powers. Thanks to its geographical position, the Mediterranean basin has played a critical role in commercial and cultural exchanges between mighty Asia, old Europe, and the great new world. How…

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Rigging the System

by Weihui Lu The numbers alone are striking. In 2011, the World Bank estimated the gross domestic product (GDP) of the state of Ecuador at approximately $67 billion. Chevron Corporation, by contrast, reported sales of $236.3 billion for 2011, with nearly $27 billion in profits alone. In the same year, a local Ecuadorian court ruling against Chevron in an $18 billion case over the company’s widespread pollution in the Ecuadorian rainfor…

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Crisis Up Close

by Artwork by Maria Insalaco “In the United Status, you have a very different conception of crisis than we do in Bolivia. For you, it is something bad that comes along every couple years, gets resolved, finished and forgotten about. For us, crisis is permanent. Crisis is our way of life. We breathe it and we feed from it. It is part of our consciousness.” To knowing smiles around the room, sociologist Alberto Rivera provided me this i…

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