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Bangladesh’s Shaky Democracy

…farce as the BNP boycotted the election and some constituencies saw no voting at all. As a result, the future of democracy in Bangladesh is on very shaky ground. The heated phone conversation symbolizes the confrontational brand of politics that has punctuated Bangladesh’s experiment with democracy over the past twenty years. The need for a caretaker government with the military in the background before an election indicates the lack of trust the…

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Stuffed Democracy

…nal ties, it cannot be held up as a definitive model for Arab nations to follow, as the “moderate, Islamic-based democracy” that many in the region have for centuries fought for. The task of creating stable and free democracy in the Middle East will be far more difficult than simply copying the Turkish model – it will be a process of failures and successes, of triumphs and tragedies, as the democratizing nations of this diverse region learn from…

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Notes on the ‘Umbrella Revolution’

…mmons The ongoing ‘Umbrella Revolution’ in Hong Kong can catalyze China’s journey to becoming a true democracy, or it can wither under the pressure from the Chinese government. The world has seen similar revolutions recently in Kiev and Moscow with thousands of citizens attempting to insert some sort of democracy into the workings of the state. However, the Moscow protests, begun in 2011, have all but died at the hands of the Russian…

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Grooming the Globe

…ng name, the US indeed influences elections and campaigns worldwide. Created in 1983, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is directly funded by the United States Congress within the budget of the US Agency for International Development. This money goes to four organizations, two of which are the National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute. The NED prides itself on spreading of democracy abroad, but it is worth…

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Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport

…ost popular chants in Madison, Wisconsin during protesters’ occupation of the capitol building was “This is what democracy looks like!” Because only being able to choose between two corporate-funded, unaccountable representatives is not democracy. There’s also a reason that the Democrats lost in Wisconsin earlier this month—not that incumbent governor Scott Walker outspent challenger Tom Barrett by seven to one, though that helped — it’s that Bar…

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Evolution and Revolution

…ls or vicious tyrants seized control of these invented states from their colonial occupiers, the West called for democracy and human rights. When experiments in democracy were conducted and human rights respected, however, the U.S. overthrew those with whom it disagreed and replaced them with well-funded dictatorships. During the mid-twentieth century, pan-Arabist governments attempting to establish regional unity and break free from external pow…

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Egypt’s Uncertain Democracy

by The military demonstrates its support for the anti-Morsi protests. Last Wednesday, as I watched revolution in Egypt unseat it’s first democratically elected president, I couldn’t help but acknowledge my growing measure of unease. Like millions of other Egyptians throughout the month of June, my anticipation had grown for the scheduled June 30 climax to the “Tamarod” movement against President Morsi. And like millions of Egyptians,…

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Political Minutes: Post-Soviet Authoritarianism

…not democratic, that it supports undemocratic regimes, and that it undermines its neighbors in attempts towards democracy. On the other hand, “doves” are of the opinion that the Russian Federation is neutral toward democracy abroad, that it does not undermine regimes, and that the country is ineffective – even if the government cared enough to intervene, their attempts would be rendered fruitless by a lack of significant influence in the area. O…

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Switzerland’s Holes: An Undecided Population in a Far Right Climate

…mply switching from one idea to the other. Can this dichotomous choice be justified, or is it an abuse of direct democracy? The overuse of direct democracy has made it lose its value, which can be seen in the low Swiss voter turnout for referenda and popular initiatives (even the immigration referendum, the main referendum in recent years, only had a 57 percent voter turnout). T. Husbands, a professor at the London School of Economics, calls Swi…

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I Love India (And You Should Too!)

…orth remembering that even as other powers rise, perhaps it is too early to ring the death knell for liberalism, democracy, and the current international order. One of the biggest bright spots in the field right now is a rising, democratic, and dynamic India. Strengthening ties with the world’s largest democracy will be one of the most important aspects of American grand strategy in this century. Within the next few decades, India will be not onl…

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