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Corrupting the Cup

…greatest legend, pleaded with fans to spare the national team their ire and to avoid protesting until after the World Cup. Another former great, Ronaldo, a member of the World Cup Local Organizing Committee, sparked outrage because of a quote pulled from a 2011 interview that circulated online: “World Cups aren’t held with hospitals.” Although the sentence was taken out of context, he nevertheless defended himself by pointing out that the World

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Endless War: West Bank Occupation Hazards

…rocess that must go forward. The Levy report recommended that Israel should legalize its settlements in the West Bank because this land is not legally occupied.  The report’s reasoning is perverse and, frankly, laughable: the jurists note that an occupation by definition is a temporary occupation of territory during a conflict to be returned upon the conflict’s termination, and as Israel has occupied the West Bank for decades and there is no sign…

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Gimme, Gimme More

…ead negotiate with national-level political leaders endorsed by international organizations like the IMF and the World Bank, even if these leaders do not have the support of local residents. Unfortunately for the displaced and their land, the IMF and World Bank generally back leaders who show promise to prioritize their countries’ financial concerns, particularly those related to international debt. A leader backed by international financing orga…

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Environmental Migrants

…roblem is not unique to Dhaka. Water-related risks pose a challenge for cities and regions across the developing world. A huge portion of the global populace lives in cities along the coast—centers that lie directly in the path of rising sea levels and more acute hurricanes and typhoons. A natural disaster striking a metropolis in the developing world, like a flood or monsoon, would send wave after wave of city dwellers into surrounding regions t…

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Events 9/22 – 9/28

…the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre and Network. Second, he will examine the discussion of global issues in the World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO GREEN. Third, Dr. Rimmer will discuss the dispute in the TRIPS Council at the World Trade Organization over intellectual property, climate change, and development. He will argue that intellectual property law reform should promote climate justice in line with Mary Robinsons Declaration on…

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Liberia’s Next Top Model?

…e of such extensive and damaging corruption practices that members of the international community, including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the United States, decided it was time for intervention. Thus emerged Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program, an anti-corruption program designed to combat economic and political mismanagement by placing foreign experts in strategic administrative positions within the Liberian…

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A New Currency for Climate Change

…ming is no longer a threat we need to deal with but one we need to cope with. Where do you think the rest of the world stands on this at the moment? Bill McKibben: I think most people around the world have an idea that global warming is real and dangerous. I think that comparatively few, especially in the United States, realize how quickly its bearing down upon us. I think most people still think that it’s something that’s supposed to occur in th…

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The Nerd Who Came In From The Cold

…sports teams — a tolerable, if unpleasant, state of affairs, lacking an apparent alternative. In the rest of the world, US military power is used to underwrite security arrangements that influence the politics of every region of the globe and affect the lives of virtually every person on the planet. So why, then, have world leaders suddenly become so irate with the United States in recent months? We listened to their phone calls. As Angela Merkel…

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Israel/Palestine Debates

…criminate based on a thinking of one race being superior to another. The separation that takes place in the West Bank is based on citizenship, not race. There is no single country in the Arab world where there are more freedoms (including for Arabs) than in Israel. The BDS movement, and by extension academic boycotts, attempt to achieve by subterfuge what has not been achieved by force of arms: the de-legitimization and destruction of the state o…

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27 Million Bound

…o pressure the Bush administration to demote India —the country with one of the highest numbers of slaves in the world—to a “Tier Three” in the hierarchy of anti-slavery countries and to vote against India’s development requests to the World Bank. Condoleezza Rice refused the proposal, but the initial pressure was an important starting point. The US State Department estimates that there are over 2 million sex slaves in India, but the Indian gover…

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