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Shifting Senate

by Source: Out of the sixty-three elections for the New York State Senate held on November 6th, two results have yet to be announced as ballots continue to be counted.  The Democrats had control of one more Senate seat than the Republicans after results from sixty-one elections were finalized. Despite the fact that the Democrats are almost assured to win one of the two remaining Senate seats, their majority is far from in…

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Cuomo in Control

by Source: The fight for control of the New York State Senate is in full swing as campaigns enter the final month of operations in anticipation of the November 6 election. The Republicans hold a slight advantage in the Senate, 33-29. The Democrats briefly held control of the Senate for a year for the first time in decades until the 2009 leadership crisis, which culminated in a return to Republica…

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Grand Theft Government

…o seize a large, failing, non-bank institution immediately and put it through a resolution process. However, the Senate Republicans have argued that if the government were to seize a failing non-bank institution, it should have to go through more rigorous checks and approvals beforehand. The trouble is that the Senate Republicans’ plan would make the government resolution procedure more susceptible to creating complications while regulators are t…

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Courting Ideology

by Although war with Iraq has seized the international spotlight, the Senate’s battles over judicial nominees recently put the chamber at the center of national politics. In February, when Senate Democrats began a filibuster opposing the confirmation of Miguel Estrada to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in D.C., the Senate seemed transported back to a time when it was dominated not only by fierce policy wars, but by strategic parliam…

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Washington Can Learn from Nudists and Cherokees

by So a 63-year-old WASPy Native American and a college age nudist/porn star run for the U.S. Senate. It sounds like the setup to a cocktail party joke. But it’s not. Enter Republican Senator Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren. Senator Brown made national headlines in 2010 when he won the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in a special election. During that election, it came out that Brown had posed nude for Cosmo maga…

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Left Hanging

…the woods. In the elections of 1954, the Democratic Party gained control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. It was not to lose control of either chamber until 1980, and, even then, it held onto the House, Senate, or presidency for the next twenty years. One Republican senator’s renunciation of his party then threw the Senate back into Democratic hands, but it was not to last. For the past twoand- a-half years, the Democrats have foun…

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Waiting for Labor’s Day

…blic workers in Ohio. For this reason, many media sources have simplified the bill by referring to it as “Ohio’s Senate Bill 5, a bill to limit collective bargaining rights for unions.” The influence of the November 8 vote to repeal Senate Bill 5 extends beyond Ohio’s public workers. First, the repeal is a statement in support of all unions, not just unions in the public sector. The largest organization that campaigned for the bill’s repeal, “We…

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Letter to a Young Candidate

by Dear young candidate, A few years back I, too, was a hardworking, idealistic college student who, like many politically active students, thought I might run for office one day. Friends of mine would join me to discuss politics as I tended bar after class at the West End (now Havana Central). We talked about political races the way most people discussed football stats. To us, watching Meet the Press on Sunday mornings was as exciting…

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Events 10/13 – 10/19

by Monday, October 13th Perspectives of Global Development 2014: Boosting Productivity to Meet the Middle Income Challenge 10:00am – 12:30pm International Affairs Building, Room 1501 Carl Dahlman is Head of the Thematic Division and Head of Global Development Research at the OECD’s Development Centre. Prior to joining the OECD in September 2013, he was an Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreig…

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Healthcare Industry Fights Against Self, Wins

…olutions, Cerner, and Boston Scientific. Then there’s the pivotal Democratic Senator Max Baucus, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, who orchestrated the first Senate meeting of interested parties to discuss health care reform and played a large role in debates and writing the bill. Representatives from pharmaceutical groups, insurance companies, HMOs, and hospital management companies were all invited. Representatives from groups calling f…

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