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…old to protest not only the corruption that consumed the December 4 legislative elections, but also the power of Putin, the man who had used the position of Prime Minister to remain in charge while the de jure president, Dmitri Medvedev, filled his chair. On March 4, 2012, despite the thousands of dissenters and numerous protests (or “meetings,” as they are called in Russia), Putin was once again elected president of the Russian Federation. If on…

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Befriending the Bear

…ment of and commitment to meet European standards” of democracy and free trade. With the economic recovery under Putin, most Russians “don’t like that idea,” Sestanovich says. “The idea is that … everything that Russia accepted in the 90s was humiliating. Russians remember … that the 90s were a tough decade.” Along with economic recovery under Putin has come government cultivation of anti-Western rhetoric. The association of the painful 1990s wit…

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Petrol Patronage

…rent head of Gazprom, Russia’s immense natural gas exporting monopoly. Miller, who is widely considered to be in Putin’s inner circle, is also intimately affiliated with Dmitry Medvedev, Putin’s self-appointed heir to the presidency in 2008 and longtime Chairman of the Board of Directors at Gazprom. He and his allies at Gazprom have their own interests in Iran that are based upon the natural gas business. Russia’s traditional dominance of natural…

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Don’t Rock the Boat

…ivostok will vote to decide who will be president for the next six years. If the favored Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, running in place of incumbent president and United Russia party mate Dmitri Medvedev, wins more than 50 percent of the country’s vote on Sunday, he will become president again and be able to extend his tenure at the apex of Russian political power until 2018. At that point in time, Putin, who will still be a relatively young 65,…

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Russian Winter

…mes are confronted by their people and forced to either disperse the rabble-rousers or else dethrone. In Russia, Putin has chosen to deal with the widespread dissent of his people with a truly novel sentiment: ambivalence. Harkening back to the leadership tactics of czar Nicholas II, Putin has simply chosen to ignore the torrential political unrest brooding at his doorstep and focus on the logistics of his presidential campaign. Earlier this mont…

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It’s Time to Stand Against Putin

…land, whose membership in the EU and NATO is firmly entrenched. And with the Duma having recently rubber-stamped Putin’s request for a military deployment on the whole of Ukraine for an “indefinite” period of time, this is a very real and direct threat.   Putin The question, then, is how to respond. Undoubtedly, the hope is that diplomatic talks at the highest level among the EU commission, Russian Federation, U.N. Security Council and NA…

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Russian Defrost?

…in governors who are more interested in serving the interests of President Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin than in working with their own constituencies. Is this new bill the beginning of a countrywide thaw in the Russian political system or simply a Kremlin public relations move to try and convince the protestors from last month’s largest public demonstrations since the early 1990s to stay home? Is it indicative of a Putin desire for…

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Physician, Heal Thyself!

by Finally, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama can both agree on something: they are both studiously following international law. President Obama claims that Crimea’s referendum to split off from Ukraine is a violation of international law while President Putin claims that his annexation of Crimea conforms to international law and precedent. Obvious question thus arise. Does international law even exist?…

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Diplomacy on Ice

by Illustration by Kaela Chambers Antarctica is home to more than emperor penguins and a few dozen humans with science citizenship barricaded in small hermetic bases. It is also host to an estimated 200 billion barrels of hydrocarbons, alongside large quantities of gold, silver, uranium, and many other rare metals underneath a pristine ice cap still virgin of commercial exploitation. Securing a territory with such a rich underground,…

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Blocked Blocs

by As predicted,  Vladimir Putin won the March 4 Russian presidential elections with over 60 percent of the vote. What followed were the expected accusations of illegitimacy from members of the opposition. Fraud possibly occurred in the election, especially in southern provinces such as Chechnya, where over 93 percent of the vote went to Putin, a puzzling result that has become a tradition in recent Chechen elections. However, this lev…

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