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…Bibi One More Time?

…in preparation for the  upcoming elections on January 22. Together, they currently have 42 seats in the Knesset. Netanyahu explained the merger by saying “we [members of the two parties] are asking the public for a mandate to deal with the security threats, at the top of which is stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and fighting terrorism.” Given the public’s fears about the danger of a nuclear Iran, it appears increasingly likely that N…

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Netanyahu and Romney, Destined to be Together?

by photo for CPR The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, really wants Mitt Romney to be president. He’d probably wait a little to say it publicly, partially out of courtesy, and partially to cover his behind in case Obama is re-elected, but it is hardly a secret. Therefore, it was probably a good idea for Mitt Romney to announce that he would visit Israel later this summer. There are many more and less obvious reasons wh…

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Wasted Blood

…Furthermore, a Panels poll for the Israeli Center for Political Training reported 78 percent of Israelis support Netanyahu’s Oscar worthy performance. With this brilliant political move, Netanyahu has forced Yair Lapid and Shaul Mofaz, rivals from the Labor & Yesh Atid and Kadima parties, to serve up his praises in the fear of being seen as unpatriotic. As Yossi Verter of Haaretz writes the two are, “wandering from one television or radio stu…

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Seizing the Day and Fixing the Sinai

by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be wise to consider learning from the late Egyptian president Anwar Sadat. On May 17, 1977 at 11:30 PM, Egyptian Vice President Hosni Mubarak learned that Menachem Begin had surprisingly won the Israeli elections. Mubarak woke President Sadat, saying, “Mr. President, I have bad news for you, Begin will be Prime Minister.” Sadat turned to Mubarak and surprisingly (but providentially) r…

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Truths and Untruths About Obama and Israel

…even begin. Settlements, while empirically an obstacle to peace, have never been the main obstacle. By the time Netanyahu adapted and initiated a full freeze on settlement building, Obama’s faulty premise, Abbas’s intransigence, and Netanyahu’s exasperation made the prospect for any fruitful peace talks hopeless. Any supporter of Israel and of Middle East peace must recognize the historic mistake Obama made here. The other thing about Obama that…

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Obama and the Middle East: Round Two

by From Wikimedia Commons Reworking the Strategy towards Iran. Netanyahu is becoming infamously impatient, and the reactors keep spinning (despite false claims to the contrary last week; I doubt we’ll ever really know what is actually going on in those nuclear plants).  The current strategy cannot continue. The sanctions have become so harsh that Iranian patients no longer have access to Western medicine; it was reported in the last f…

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David and Goliath

by Image Taken By Israel Defense Force Benjamin Netanyahu’s rather literal interpretation the concept of a “red line” at the United Nations last month puzzled many, but it should draw as much worry as it draws laughter. It is no secret that Israel and the United States would prefer an Iran without nuclear weapons. Yet, the Obama administration’s disapproval of a unilateral Israeli strike and its lack of interest in initiating its own…

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Jordan: One Kingdom, Two Nations

by The West Bank (wikicommons) As Israelis and Palestinians continue to struggle towards a permanent peace, it is not uncommon these days to hear of altercations in the West Bank between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian inhabitants. Sometimes these altercations end in injury; other times in death. Frequently, they heighten tension and produce further resentment. But almost always (and unfortunately so) these incidents merely pass into…

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Petrol Patronage

by Hassan Rouhani’s election as President of Iran has generated great excitement in the West. Many have interpreted it as an opportunity for a reversal of course on Iran’s nuclear ambitions and conciliation in the US-Iran relationship more generally. But the new president is not the only actor who could stand to play an important role in resolving the ongoing crisis between Iran and the West. In particular, Russia’s position on the Un…

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A Kidnapped Debate

by “3 Kidnapped Teens” by IDF spokesperson – Via Wikipedia (wikicommons) It started, as most things do, with a trickle. A Facebook status, a linked blog article. Then, the swell grew into more declarations and op-eds until by last week the social media-sphere was saturated with those three names Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Fraenkel. On June 12th these Is…

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