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Just Compensation

…inue to use eminent domain in creative ways to serve the public interest, even if not for strictly “public use.” Manhattanville In 2003, Columbia University began an immense expansion project into the Manhattanville neighborhood, north of the university’s Morningside Heights campus. To do so, the University involved itself in a lengthy and complex series of legal maneuvers, utilizing the City of New York’s power of eminent domain. In many ways, C…

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Political Minutes: Touring a Tense Manhattanville

…ther school year begins, the confrontation between neighborhood members and Columbia University over the ongoing Manhattanville expansion continues unabated, seeking to bring in more fresh faces to its respective sides. This Sunday the Coalition to Preserve Community held a walking tour up towards the site of the current Manhattanville construction. The tour was led by co-founder of the coalition and Columbia College alum Tom Kappner, who has liv…

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Gentrification or Economic Development?

by Looking at the now iconic New York Magazine cover of New York City during the height of Superstorm Sandy, one will notice a remarkable phenomenon: while most of Lower Manhattan is blacked out from the storm surge, amidst the flooded the streets a small patch of buildings on the southwest coast continues to glow. That little patch of light is the Battery Park City neighborhood, a 92-acre stretch of land reclaimed from the sea durin…

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Changing the Cityscape

by Game. Set. Match. You flip your left wrist upwards, sending the ball high up into the sky. The height is perfect, and this auspicious ball toss reminds you that you are in control of the game, and this point, potentially the final point, is what it all comes down to. You loop your racket behind and above your head and lob it down, catapulting the fuzzy, yellow sphere with the speed of a bullet right down the T. Ace. The umpire annou…

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Israel/Palestine Debates

by PROMPT:  What is the academic boycott of Israel and why is it so important? PANELISTS:  Isabel Peñaranda, CC ’14, is studying Anthropology, and uses it to draw connections between the dispossession of poor communities of color in Harlem due to Columbia’s Manhattanville expansion, the people of Palestine by the Israeli state, and peasants by state and paramilitary violence in Colombia, where she is from. She hopes to retur…

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Stop, Frisk and Gentrify

by By now, most New Yorkers know that the Stop-&-Frisk crime prevention program was only successful for intimidating, humiliating, and violently interrupting the lives of  people of color. The threat of jail, court dates and fees, prison, and even death were never far; innocent New Yorkers were stopped over 4 million times–almost 90 percent of them black and Latino. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers marched, rese arched, liti…

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Running in the 15th District

by Illustration by Amalia Rinehart Clyde Williams, a potential challenger for the 15th Congressional District of New York, is laying the groundwork for a campaign against longtime representative Charles Rangel. A former Clinton White House aide and Democratic Party activist, Williams previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff at the Department of Agriculture and as National Political Director for the Democratic National Committee unde…

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Notes from the 15th Floor

by When I moved to New York City last year to attend Columbia University, I knew that finding housing would be a challenge; after three weeks of frustration, I finally managed to find an acceptable studio apartment one mile north of campus. What I didn’t know was that the apartment was available because the previous tenant had recently leapt to his death out of the 15th-story window. That element of surrealism would foreshadow some of…

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