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Liberia’s Next Top Model?

…and even counter signatory authority on all operational and financial matters. This in no way implies that this IMF-placed foreign expert has any control of the monetary policy of the Liberian state (the IMF, through its loan attachment policies, already controlled much of that in any case). Rather, it means that, once the monetary policy is set, he or she ensures that it runs smoothly and effectively by setting deadlines, regulations and proced…

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Back in Red

…und from 2007 to 2011, at the height of the sovereign debt crisis. When he stepped down from his position at the IMF, economist Eswar Prasad remarked that the IMF would “find it hard to find as effective and skilful an advocate for keeping the institution central to the global monetary system.” Our very own Joseph Stiglitz referred to DSK as a “sagacious leader” and, in lauding his diplomatic aptitude, Simon Jonson dubbed him “Mettern…

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The Numbers Game

…ent a year, though official national figures present estimates of an inflation of 10 percent at most. Today, the IMF has given the country an ultimatum (December 17) to respond to skepticism of all international economists and agencies about its official figures. If the deadline is not met, Argentina may be censured by the IMF, and, even worse, forced to quit the IMF. Argentina is the only country of the G-20 that refuses to let the IMF to do its…

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Acknowledging the Americas

…island. Last, but perhaps most importantly, the administration must push toward reform in the governance of the IMF. The IMF and the US operated hand-in-hand in the region in the 1980s and 1990s; by pushing for extension of the body’s governance to include more developed countries, the US could more concretely distance itself from those highly criticized years. Each of these goals, however symbolic, will likely contribute to the restoration of L…

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The Columbia Counter-Summit

…of environmental policy, for example). The International Monetary Fund also draws radicals’ ire. The role of the IMF is to act as a lender of last resort for developing countries who cannot make payments on their loans. The IMF loans, however, often come with some “conditionality” stipulating the borrowing country adopt some particular policy. The IMF demands that inflation be brought under control, and doing this often involves reduces state spe…

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Gimme, Gimme More

…vestors instead negotiate with national-level political leaders endorsed by international organizations like the IMF and the World Bank, even if these leaders do not have the support of local residents. Unfortunately for the displaced and their land, the IMF and World Bank generally back leaders who show promise to prioritize their countries’ financial concerns, particularly those related to international debt. A leader backed by international fi…

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Between a Rock and the Abyss

by from Wikimedia Commons After a lull in economic upheaval, the latest Eurozone nation to face a banking crisis seems now to be Cyprus. The small, Mediterranean island, better known for being divided into a Turkish North and a Grecian South than for its profligate ways, now has had its banks experience a loss of confidence from investors and consumers alike. Pressured by the European Central Bank to find a solution, the newly elected…

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That Sinking Feeling

by Illustration by Amalia Rinehart While public concern about global warming has waned in recent years, ever-more scientific evidence shows that climate change is a grave and growing nightmare. Among problematic signs are the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps at an increasing rate, and the corresponding rise in sea levels.  While perhaps a distant concern both geographically and temporally for much of the world’s population, risi…

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Political Minutes: El Ghobashy and Mitchell at New School

by On Wednesday, The New School hosted a panel featuring academics well-versed on different facets of Egyptian society. The topic of the discussion was Egypt after the presidential elections and the takeaway was that despite the overall continuation of problematic government policies of the pre-January 25th era, popular organization for a true restructuring of the government still continues as a source of reform. Issues remaining Amon…

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Digital Neocolonialism or Benevolent Hegemony?

by The Internet’s capacity for making information seamlessly accessible is even more impressive given its largely unregulated and decentralized nature. This freedom from regulation has allowed superior technologies like Google to quickly make themselves the standard. Yet although the protocols and codes for the Internet belong to the private sector, important components of the Internet rest within the grasp of a single power: the Unite…

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