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Grand Ol’ Pageant

…g of his campaign, Newt decided to fight back by making himself more accessible to them. Before the Iowa Caucus, Gingrich’s courtship won him some surprise newspaper endorsements and media praise. All the same, it was a brief honeymoon period. The former speaker’s attempts to flatter the media were no match for a windfall of Super PAC attack ads that informed the public of the hiccups in his tenure as speaker. Gingrich quickly adopted another str…

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You Only Live Thrice

by The problem with megalomaniacs is that they never stick to the script. Newt Gingrich is one of the few men in American public life that can get away with saying whatever he wants. Whatever nuance exists in his public persona is masked by the verbal violence he does to anyone who gets in his way. The conventional wisdom is that this strength, by far his greatest, will be his undoing. The reality is more complicated. Newt Gingrich has…

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Election 2012: March Madness

…re to receive the nomination. At the time of this writing, Romney leads with 484, followed by Santorum with 239, Gingrich with 136, and Paul with 69; there are 1358 delegates left to be allocated in the remaining contests. In the past week, there has been much talk about whether Gingrich, after losing two states in the Deep South, will drop out of the race and allow Santorum to go one-on-one against Romney. That’s confusing, because virtually no…

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Too Right to Be Wrong

…agan, the contract attempted to reduce the power and scope of what was characterized as a failing government. As Gingrich argued on the eve of the 1994 midterms, “The political class across this country, from city council to county commission to state government to the Federal Government, has failed to be responsive to people.” Gingrich continued the rhetorical legacy of Reagan, building his platform around anti-government sentiment….

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Reaching for the Stars

by Illustration by Shaina Rubin The Valentine’s Day bombing in downtown Beirut that led to the death of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and 22 members of his caravan unleashed a political fury in the Middle East. Hariri had been instrumental in negotiating a peace agreement acceptable to both the Lebanese National Assembly and Bashar Assad’s Syrian regime. With negotiations over the Syrian troop withdrawal from Lebanon loo…

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Bubba’s Playbook

by Just under two years ago, a young Democratic president took office after leading his party to majorities in both chambers of Congress, reshaping the political landscape after a period of conservative dominance. After enduring bruising legislative battles on top priorities like comprehensive health care reform, the Democrats stand to lose both the House and the Senate, and a new generation of Republicans is waiting to deliver on a mu…

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Election 2012: Romney’s RINO Race

by Although it seems likely that Mitt Romney will nab the nomination in the end, he’s having trouble getting there. He needs 1144 delegates, and if Rick Santorum keeps picking up conservative states, then the Republican Party will have to hold a brokered convention, the likes of which we haven’t seen in over half a century. So far, Mitt is halfway there with 566 delegates, more than Santorum (273), Newt Gingrich (135), and Ron Paul (50…

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Tampa, We Have a Problem

by While President Obama still has a long way to go on the road to reelection, it is quickly becoming clear that the current set of Republican presidential candidates don’t have what we, in this country, used to call “the right stuff.” Mitt Romney is unprincipled; worse, he seems to have prided himself on that fact until it occurred to him that it might cost him the White House. Rick Santorum, despite his impressive surge, may be too…

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The Bain Train

by photo from Wikimedia Commons It was inevitable that President Obama and Vice President Biden would begin attacking Mitt Romney’s former role as co-founder and head of the highly successful Bain Capital private equity firm. Voters got a preview of this sort of attack back during the primaries, when a pro-Newt Gingrich Super PAC released a laughably misinformed video slamming Romney for the failure of a few companies in which Bain ha…

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Wright-Wing Politics

by In the 2008 election, Senator McCain frequently criticized then-Senator Obama for his connection to, among other unsavory figures, the fiery and controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Recently, a pro-Republican Super PAC announced their plan to dig up the Wright card and use it against Obama in election advertisements. However, using Wright in any way to attack Obama, or even mentioning Wright at all, would be about the most foolis…

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