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Gross Domestic Wellbeing

…alites has proven a stronger tool for pushing for and attaining high levels of wellbeing for the masses than the GDP-driven schemes of other developing states. Illustration by Mary Claire Nemeth The Keralite education system and media have forged a culture of egalitarianism and tolerance. Most Indian states, in the quest for an impressive GDP per capita, have set equality issues on the sidelines, and, as a result social tensions and gaps rage on…

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The Great Stall of China

…hina’s growth, while miraculous, is overhyped by an excessive focus on one number: Gross Domestic Product. GDP has masked a spectrum of structural faults that are likely to obstruct China’s transition from a state-run market to a truly progressive, integrated and thriving global market. The GDP Myth Using China’s spectacular GDP growth as an indicator of its global influence is not accurate. The example of Japan in the 1990s is…

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The Debt Offensive: Focusing on Austerity

by The United States’ national deficit exceeds $13 trillion—over $42,000 per US resident. With U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) at $14 trillion in 2009, our debt-to-GDP ratio is 93 percent and growing. Japan enjoyed 90 percent debt-to-GDP levels in 1995. Following two decades of stagnant growth, Japan now risks exceeding 190 percent. 15 years from now, America’s Debt-to-GDP ratio may double as well. While debt-to-GDP ratios are import…

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The Far Right Hook

…stat, the statistics agency of the European Commission, in the second quarter of 2013, public debt as a ratio of GDP went up to 93.4 percent in the Eurozone, with unemployment around 12.2 percent. According to The Economist, the French economy has struggled to retain its footing during this crisis. GDP has been flat, unemployment is high at 11 percent, public debt is set to reach 95 percent of GDP by 2014, and large tax hikes have not been able t…

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Anatomizing Abenomics

…ts to an influx of cheaper goods and services from abroad. While Japan can expect a 2.5 percent increase in its GDP by 2025 if it pursues the TPP course, Malaysia stands to add 4.7 percent to its GDP and Vietnam nearly 13 percent. Granted, it’s difficult to tell how much of these gains depend on Japan’s participation in the agreement, but as the second largest economy party to it, it’s safe to assume the nation’s contribution is significant. Mr…

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The Future of Europe: Break up or federalism?

by 2012 was meant to be the year of reckoning for the eurozone. The Spanish banking system lay in tatters, the long-term interest rate on Italian debt was unsustainable, and the prospect of a Greek exit seemed frightengly plausible. Yet the doomsayers, of whom there were many, have had to think again as the euro is still completely intact, mainly due to Mario Draghi, the head of the European Central Bank. In July 2012, he remarked that…

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Defeatism Denied

by The print media has painted a painted a pretty bleak picture: not only that the best days of Western democracy are far behind us, but also China’s global hegemony in the next century is written in the stars. Many already speak of the twenty-first century as “The Chinese Century.” This is presented in concert to the conventional wisdom that the twentieth century was “The American Century” and the nineteenth century was “The British C…

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An Inconvenient Choice

by Picture of deforestation in the DRC. Photograph by Daniel Beltra of The Guardian When Charles Marlow made his way up the Congo in search of the notorious Mr. Kurtz at the turn of the twentieth century, he described the land as one of impenetrable jungle, a steamy, dense, green world to which white man had very little access. Over a hundred years later, the landscape immortalized by Joseph Conrad has been remarkably well preserved….

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Great Barrier Grief

by For the past few years, Australia’s economy has largely avoided the downturn that other Western economies have experienced. Unemployment peaked at 5.7%, far below the US peak of 10.2% and less than half of the Eurozone peak of 12.1%. Between 2004 and 2009, the economy grew at an average rate of 5.3%– exceptionally strong growth for a developed economy. According to a 2011 Credit Suisse report, the Australians are the second we…

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Between a Rock and the Abyss

…mall holding, domestic savers. On its own, Cyprus is a small country even by European standards. Its $18 billion GDP accounts for only 0.2% of the EU’s total GDP. What is recognized as “Cyprus” by the international community is only half the country, the north having being occupied by Turkey under the guise of a “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”. Yet the fear of contagion, that a Cypriot collapse may destabilise the banking systems of other n…

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