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Émigré Matters

…an upbeat François Hollande to a noticeably young audience in an address held at the start of this year. But the French president’s speech was not at a high school in Paris, a library in Bordeaux, or a university in Grenoble—it took place thousands of miles away in San Francisco, where a large group of his countrymen had stuffed an auditorium to listen to their visiting leader. Mr. Hollande’s visit, the first by a French head of state to the city…

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Charge of the Right Brigade

…his willingness to unite political parties in a show of opposition to the attacks was very well received by the French people. After the attack at Charlie Hebdo, the French left embraced patriotism in a way that is typically unusual for the more liberal French parties. The French flag was omnipresent during memorials and rallies, and the tragedy provided a bridge between political parties. One of the more salient ways in which the French politic…

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Thinly Veiled

…ed volumes of national press coverage, and spawned many governmental commissions. In this most recent iteration, French ministers point to the face veil as a sartorial “challenge to the republic” and, according to one, “a symbol of the repression of women.” With the help of the French, the veil—also known more accurately in various forms as the burqa, hijab or niqab—has conquered both the bra and the bikini as the world’s most contentious piece o…

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The Far Right Hook

…under attack. As the economic situation has soured, compassion and tolerance have worsened. In recent years, the French government has routinely suppressed the Roma minority. Under the Sarkozy administration, French police frequently swept Roma camps, deporting many to southeastern Europe. Francoise Hollande, the current Socialist President of France, won a presidential campaign based on justice and equality for all. However, French authorities a…

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There’s Something About Mali

…egs and Arabs) to flee in fear of reprisal killings from the Malian army. In January 2013, the MLNA followed the French army and recaptured towns in Azawad, which had been “liberated” by the French. Because AQIM and Ansar Dine have been driven underground, the MNLA currently has the greatest degree of control over Azawad. Though the MLNA claims to represent all ethnic groups of the north, its members are almost entirely Tuareg. The exclusive natu…

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Vive L’Alliance

…ited States’ relationship with its European allies. France launched Operation Serval in Mali. In this operation, French armed forces intervened in the country’s deteriorating civil war to restore power to the incumbent government against the rapidly advancing rebel and jihadist forces from the north of the country. The French intervention bodes well for the ability of the United States and her allies to project security capabilities abroad in an…

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Events 11/17 – 11/23

…norms from a feminist perspective. Her conversation with Madeleine Dobie will also expand to consider differing French and American perspectives on gender studies in the present day. Domna Stanton is Distinguished Professor of French at the Graduate Center, CUNY. A specialist of 17th-century French literature and culture, her research areas include women writers, feminist and critical theory, and human rights. She is now writing the 17th-century…

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The Nerd Who Came In From The Cold

…scenes from the 1966 film The Battle of Algiers, after being confronted by a pool of Western reporters about the French army’s use of torture against Algerian insurgents, the French officer Mathieu poses a question of his own: “Should France stay in Algeria? If your answer is still yes, then you must accept all the consequences.” No mere colonial possession, Algeria was considered part of metropolitan France itself, the equivalent of a US state i…

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Reading Letters

…t legislation.” In other words, history, like religion, is not something the state should be institutionalizing. French President Nicholas Sarkozy would seem to disagree. He has vociferously supported France’s own law that not only recognizes Armenian genocide but makes it a criminal offense to deny that it occurred. More recently, Sarkozy ordered all French high schools to read to their students a letter written by a 17 year old Communist resist…

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Man at a Crossroads

…formally promised to his electorate that they would never hear from him again, his presence has never quite left French politics. Former French President, NIcolas Sarkozy There are two main reasons for that: first, his party, the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) has been lacking a leader ever since his departure. Shortly after his defeat was formed the “Association des Amis de Sarkozy” (Association of the Friends of Sarkozy), a group including…

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