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Charge of the Right Brigade

…or several long-reaching political repercussions, which differ by specific country. Specifically, we can look to France, a country with one of the highest populations in Europe. France has been the European country most radically affected by the surge in anti-Muslim sentiment, primarily due to the attacks against Charlie Hebdo which occurred in the heart of Paris. François Hollande, the French president, has up until now been largely unpopular an…

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Émigré Matters

…dire as the scale of the issue that they suggest, falling into a morose introspection of the state of affairs in France. Some articles entertain the notion that France is no longer capable of producing enough well-paying and stimulating employment opportunities for its youth because of a stagnating economic model that has (depending on political affiliation) either been too deeply entrenched in leftist-thought or has shifted too far to the right….

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Lessons From Mali

…and on. On Mali, the fact that the intervention is French and not European can be understood easily enough: only France has the willingness, capacity and self-interest to go there. Characterizing the French intervention as a quest for national prestige would however be reductive; there are other factors at play such as France’s economic interests in the region, the protection of the 30,000 expatriates living in the area and the threat of terroris…

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The Far Right Hook

…beginning to recover. Unemployment and public debt in the United Kingdom remain high, though somewhat lower than France. The economic strain in these countries has driven a right-wing shift in policy and ideology. Though France has had conservative presidents before, progressivism has always run deep in its roots. The ideas of “liberté, egalité, fraternité,” were central to French nationalism, even during the dark days of Nazi occupation. After a…

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Reading Letters

…ear old Communist resistant killed during WWII. Ostensibly, this was part of a larger effort by Sarkozy to rouse France from its cycle of self-criticism and “make the French proud of France again.” In the letter the boy, named Guy Moquet, writes to his family that though he knows he will die, he hopes to be as courageous as those who came before him. “I wish with all my heart that my death has served some purpose,” he writes. While most instructo…

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Hollande’s First Steps

by from Wikimedia Commons On Tuesday, November 13, Francois Hollande, president of France, faced the press at the Elysee Palace for his first “news conference”, at which he tried to turn the momentum of the growingly unpopular first months of his mandate. Hollande has come under severe criticism by the press, giving birth to term “Hollande-bashing”; the Economist has gone so far as to call France “Europe’s time bomb” in thi…

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Thinly Veiled

…ommunities affected, however, this state-sanctioned punishment is unlikely to produce the desired results. While France’s large Muslim community is primarily Maghrebian, a community with old colonial ties to France that has largely been assimilated into local culture, the less than 2,000 women estimated to wear the burqa, for the most part, do not belong to this community. They hail from a vast diaspora of recent immigrants originating from Turke…

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Qatar: Football as Soft Power

…n Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, the sports channels “beIN Sport” and many others. Qatar was even a major partner in France’s intervention of Libya in 2011. The change of president in France doesn’t seem to have affected these good relations. Qatar was accepted last October as an associate member of the “Francophonie,” the association that seeks to defend the French language and culture. Other countries, which have been waiting patiently as “observin…

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Behind the Burqa Bans

by “I don’t want the country of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be largely Muslim, or for Turkish or Arabic to be spoken in large areas, that women will wear headscarves and the daily rhythm is set by the call of the muezzin. If I want to experience that, I can just take a vacation in the Orient.” Enter Thilo Sarrazin, a former member of the German central bank and the author of the 2010 “Deutschland schafft sich ab” (Germa…

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The Nerd Who Came In From The Cold

…my’s use of torture against Algerian insurgents, the French officer Mathieu poses a question of his own: “Should France stay in Algeria? If your answer is still yes, then you must accept all the consequences.” No mere colonial possession, Algeria was considered part of metropolitan France itself, the equivalent of a US state in outright rebellion against the federal government. To concede victory to the National Liberation Front (FLN) was to call…

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