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The State of the (European) Union

…hat the idea of a Franco-German war is beyond incredulity. Democracy from Portugal to Poland; a common market; a European Parliament – all of these seem so natural. If recognizing a common heritage among European nations and striving to put this common heritage of warfare and competition behind us is to be a Europhile, a Europhile I must be. As a French citizen, taking the train to Berlin so casually and carelessly is something that my gran…

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The Christian Right Angle

…which is founded on Christianity, on the identities, including ethnic identities, and if you must the colour of European peoples and on the secular and democratic traditions that grew out of our Christianity and our way of doing things, a choice between that and becoming an Islamic caliphate. There’s no question about it, the government figures show it.” For Griffin, Christianity forms the bedrock of European culture. His repeated mention of Chr…

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Political Minutes: The European Crisis in its Political Context

…On Friday, September 28, Columbia University’s Center on Global Economic Governance (CGEG) and its East Central European Center hosted two foreign ministers to discuss the economic crisis that has recently plagued the eurozone. However, the bulk of the event centered on a discourse about the European Union as an institution, something both speakers seemed keen to discuss. The speakers were Foreign Minister Karl Schwarzenberg, of the Czech Republ…

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Under Pressure

…simple. If no conditions are placed on the bailouts, it would create a case of widespread moral hazard. Southern European countries would be under the impression that Germany would always be ready to bail them out, having no incentive to reform their economies. The Germans understandably need assurance that the European periphery is ready to slash their unsustainable levels of debt and move towards reforming their uncompetitive and stagnant econo…

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Lessons From Mali

…tion: the position of “High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security” was supposed to embody European foreign policy. Catherine Ashton, the first person to hold this position has however inherited a difficult position. Uniting the foreign policies of 27 member states has proved a rather difficult enterprise. The European Union may officially adhere to the doctrine of an  “Ever closer Union” but its nation-states remain ever se…

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Behind the Burqa Bans

…d a problem for Britain. To be sure, the racial makeup of these countries is changing quickly. The population of European Muslims will increase by about 35 percent by 2030, a demographic shift that will alter the makeup and feel of Europe as we know it. Given that the “native” European populations have declining birthrates, the Europe of tomorrow will not be the predominately white Christian Europe of yesteryear. Britain, due to its colonial past…

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Time for Europe to ACTA

…cation and enforcement of the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Having already been signed by both the European Union and an overwhelming majority of its member states, the document would establish a supranational organization, much like the European Union itself (though of a decidedly larger global scale), dedicated to the enforcement of its tenets. While Europeans are understandably upset about the ramifications of such a treaty on th…

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Turkey Gets Engaged

…frenzied Turkey by transforming the former Ottoman empire into a modern, secular state modeled after the Western European powers, has been the defining ideology in Turkey every since. Turkish emulation of European countries spurred the removal of religion from government processes and ultimately led to the strict removal of religion from the public sphere (especially in the education system), in an effort to copy laïcité, the French model of secu…

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Events 10/06 – 10/12

…al and interactive discussions on interesting topics. It is sponsored by Columbia University Central and Eastern European Club, East Central European Center, and Harriman Institute. For further information regarding this event, please contact Filip Tucek by sending email or by calling 9294218583 The New Kings of Crude: China, Oil, and Civil War in Sudan and South Sudan 12:00pm – 1:30pm International Affairs Building, R…

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The Nerd Who Came In From The Cold

…spised figure of George W. Bush. Instead, it was Barack Obama who put an end to the masquerade — the man on whom Europeans bestowed the Nobel Peace Prize simply because he was not the cowboy from Crawford (to be fair, Americans gave him the presidency for much the same reason). Barack Obama, who had been hailed by cheering crowds in the streets of European capitals and who had promised a more humble foreign policy; Barack Obama, commander-in-chie…

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