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Behind the Burqa Bans

…oving their intellectual inferiority, is just one striking example of a phenomenon that has swept across Western Europe: the spectacular resurgence of nativism. Sarrazin paints a picture of a Germany fighting to preserve a grand national heritage against a modern-day Ottoman invasion of barbarian infidels. He is not alone. Europe, the proud home of classical liberalism, has seen its people and leaders embrace a hard-line nativist stance against m…

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Under Pressure

by For the last three years, Europe has been on the edge. Time and time again, the collapse of the euro has seemed alarmingly close. However, European politicians have been able to muddle through, coming up with half- baked solutions to buy time. Meanwhile, the suffering endured by the people of Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal has been immense – on a scale comparable to the Great Depression. The youth has been the hardest hit; conseq…

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The Future of Europe: Break up or federalism?

…is. Few contemplate the horrifying thought of a break-up. Yet the tragic irony of this newfound optimism is that European politicians might just be lulled into a false sense of smug complacency. Throughout the crisis, they have only acted when absolutely necessary, coming up with half-baked stopgaps and avoiding the question that should be at the forefront of their minds: How does Europe move to a full-fledged federal republic? The indisputable f…

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The Nerd Who Came In From The Cold

…spised figure of George W. Bush. Instead, it was Barack Obama who put an end to the masquerade — the man on whom Europeans bestowed the Nobel Peace Prize simply because he was not the cowboy from Crawford (to be fair, Americans gave him the presidency for much the same reason). Barack Obama, who had been hailed by cheering crowds in the streets of European capitals and who had promised a more humble foreign policy; Barack Obama, commander-in-chie…

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The Christian Right Angle

…udes clearly identify the extreme right wing as a dangerous and destabilizing force within a rapidly pluralizing Europe. Yet such a depiction also fails to provide adequate insight into a movement that continues to influence European public affairs. Instead, one should emulate 20th century intellectual Hannah Arendt’s determination to “take seriously” even the most horrific ideologies, to sketch the beliefs and intentions of groups whose actions…

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Time for Europe to ACTA

by With the fervor of the #occupy protests that swept most of the continent over the past months, Europe now finds herself awash in grassroots discontent over the planned ratification and enforcement of the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Having already been signed by both the European Union and an overwhelming majority of its member states, the document would establish a supranational organization, much like the European U…

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President of the World

…licies are seen to be fairly successful compared to the austerity-based economic policies implemented throughout Europe post-2008. In general, adopting austerity as Romney espouses runs counter to the prevailing opinion that opposes further belt tightening in the seven of eight European countries surveyed by the Pew Research Center. The European opinion is important because their economies are structurally more similar to our own than emerging ma…

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*Updated* Exciting Events March 3rd-9th

…e for both foreign relations and transnational advocacy campaigns?  Please join Hugh Williamson, Director of the Europe and Central Asia Division at Human Rights Watch, and Myles Smith, a Eurasian affairs analyst and Senior Program Officer at IREX, to discuss these issues. The panel will be moderated by Professor Alexander Cooley. Participants: Hugh Williamson, director of the Europe & Central Asia division, oversees the organisations work…

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The Ethics of Work

…ikimedia Commons Every week I scroll through the news and keep an eye out for interesting articles pertaining to Europe so that I’ll have something to scribble about when my CPR deadline rolls around. This week, however, what caught my eye was not any article in particular but rather a gaping and comical discrepancy between two New York Times pieces covering America and Europe, respectively. People often discuss the different mentalities that exi…

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*Events* March 10th-14th

…8211; editor; Democracy in a Russian Mirror (2013) author and co-editor with Adam Przeworski. Seminar on Modern Europe with Bruno Palier 4:00pm - 5:30pm Columbia University Morningside Campus Faculty House Professor Palier will discuss national growth strategies and welfare state reforms. European countries have followed very different economic and welfare state strategies over the past years. The relationship between these strategies has vas…

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