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Mudslinging in Denial

…Brotherhood” another poster demanded, flanked by an even larger sign, saying, “To Hillary: Hamas Will Never Rule Egypt.” Arriving just weeks after Egypt’s first democratic elections, Clinton had no doubt expected some degree of protest during her visit. But as the Secretary’s trip progressed, it became increasingly apparent that the Clinton-Brotherhood rumor was not just an Egyptian phenomenon. Rather, this particular conspiracy theory was one wi…

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Egypt’s Uncertain Democracy

…The military demonstrates its support for the anti-Morsi protests. Last Wednesday, as I watched revolution in Egypt unseat it’s first democratically elected president, I couldn’t help but acknowledge my growing measure of unease. Like millions of other Egyptians throughout the month of June, my anticipation had grown for the scheduled June 30 climax to the “Tamarod” movement against President Morsi. And like millions of Egyptians, I had previo…

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Egypt’s Party Scene

by Nadine Mansour “The success of our efforts to devise a thoroughly Egyptian model for reform will depend to a large extent on the ability of our political parties to mould themselves into dynamic grassroots forces, thereby stimulating broader public participation in the political process,” wrote Ibrahim Nafie, a columnist for the Al-Ahram weekly newspaper, referring to Egypt’s first multi-candidate elections in 2005. But this commen…

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Don’t Worry Yet

…a series of Middle East diplomatic visits last week, Mohamed Morsi made his first official trip as President of Egypt to Saudi Arabia, and Hillary Clinton met with leaders of Egypt and Israel as part of her last tour as US Secretary of State. Topics on their agendas included financial assistance for Egypt, the rise of political Islam, and the United States’ stance on Egypt’s transition. But at the core of talks remained one concern that has gove…

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by / on April 2, 2012 at 12:32 pm / in Campus

Political Minutes: The Egypt Symposium, Part I

by Part I of Two Part Series  With Egypt’s constitutional assembly beginning the following day, Saturday’s Egypt Symposium, hosted by Turath, the Arab Students Association, could not have been hosted at a better time. The conference, which focused on the Egypt’s post-revolution phase, drew a large crowd of Egyptians, Arabs, and interested non-Arabs from around the Tri-State area to hear from some of Egypt’s biggest political, activist…

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Egypt Forum II: People Power in the Middle East–Strategies for Success

by Hinh’s post hits on most of the key issues related to the role of media, new and old, in the ongoing crisis in Egypt. But events Tuesday have made clear some of the limits of those vectors for change. Starting late Tuesday in Alexandria, reports of pro-Mubarak forces attacking the pro-democracy protesters began to surface. Just who these forces are remains not entirely clear. In all likelihood they are plainclothes police, pai…

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Of Egyptians, For Egyptians

…ake to suggest simplicity when an issue is obviously complex. Time magazine’s July 9 cover story on the state of Egypt’s rulers boasts the simple and suggestive headline, “The Revolution That Wasn’t.” But while this headline is provocative, it is not nuanced, and it is misleading. The Egyptian revolution very much was. We may be collectively worried about the stability of Egypt’s fledgling democracy, but this is a normal and expected concern. It…

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Cairo Voted No

…conquer America’s politically diverse map. Despite the fact that on December 15th and 22nd 2012, the majority of Egyptians who voted said “yes” to constitutional amendments, the governorate and capital city of Cairo voted “no.” Are these conversations on the geography of politics moving to the Middle-East? To call contemporary Egypt a mixed bag of ideology would be an understatement. Over the Arab Republic’s short decades of existence since the…

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Egypt Forum I: People Power in the Middle East

…overlooked either. Qatar-based Al-Jazeera has received widespread acclaim for its 24/7 coverage of the events in Egypt, broadcasting scenes of “protestors bowing their heads against the water cannons; bearded young men in T-shirts and old women in head scarves holding the same signs, hours of silence preceding Tuesday’s mass demonstrations, the Egyptian national anthem rising in the dark from Cairo and Alexandria as millions sat and stood a…

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Political Minutes: The Egypt Symposium, Part II

…l-deserved break, Hamdy Qandil, the widely respected journalist and Nasserist spoke on the state of the media in Egypt in a talk entitled “Revolutionary Media: The Changing Role of Journalism and Technology.” His talk was filled with personal anecdotes and stories, and the audience’s reaction made clear that, at least among the older members, he was an admired, trustworthy, and familiar figure. Most interesting and surprising was the section on E…

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