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The Great Stall of China

by It is difficult to doubt today that China will ascend the power hierarchy and rise as a global superpower within the next century. News headlines constantly remind us of China’s remarkable economic growth and increasing political clout. Particularly as the power of the United States appears to be waning, speculation of a Chinese 21st century runs rampant. Boasting a GDP growth rate of 9.6 percent and surpassing Japan as the wo…

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Bye Bye Beijing

by China’s recent activity in Africa goes beyond the mere muscle-flexing and oil-grabbing tendencies of an emerging global power. In the last five years, media reports of China’s growing presence in Africa have increasingly reinforced and intensified Western fears of an unrestrainable imperialist state. Articles brandishing headlines such as “China’s Economic Invasion of Africa” and “Africa: China’s New Backyard” depict Africa as the v…

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Rebiya Kadeer — Face of the Uighurs

…o are struggling for their freedom, democracy and human rights in a nonviolent fashion. PPR: Do you believe that China’s policy against Uighur autonomy is motivated mainly by practical concerns (for example, the economic opportunities available to them in Xinjiang) or ideology (for example, the desire for a united and centralized Chinese government and a general distrust of religious minorities)? RK: It is both. China needs the territory, which i…

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Paki-standing Alone

by Over the last half-century, one of the few constants in both Pakistan and China’s ever-shifting political landscapes has been their intimate and unwavering relationship. In early 2011, Pakistan’s ambassador in Beijing, Masood Khan, vividly described the two countries’ alliance as “higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, stronger than steel, dearer than eyesight, and sweeter than honey.” Indeed, China has consistently cha…

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Naval State of Mind

…el, advanced sea mines. These include advances in sensors, guidance systems, and stealthy coatings by Russia and China in types of propelled mines and sea mines deployed from underwater vehicles, according to a military report by the Lexington Institute. Both countries are expanding their inventories of sea mines and, given China’s increasing purchases of Russian defense hardware, the threat that this trend poses to the United States is becoming…

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US-China Power Play, and the Fiscal Play

by China is slowly on the move to restore its political and economic success of yore. As an homage to the inland trade route traversing Central Asia that made China a major player in Eurasia from the 7th-10th centuries AD, President Xi Jinping has launched the “Silk Road strategy,” a series of agreements on trade and infrastructure development meant to engender free trade in the region. On November 8 of last year, the president announc…

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Myan-marred Relations

…tterly unprepared” to handle such a democratic decision. The $3.6 billion project, brainchild of the state-owned China Power Investment (CPI), would have delivered 90 percent of the potential 6,000 megawatts generated to cities in China’s Yunnan province. But it also would have flooded an area the size of Singapore (26,238 hectares), displacing up to 12,000 people in 47 villages. Even before construction was suspended, approximately 2,500 people…

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Defeatism Denied

…d a painted a pretty bleak picture: not only that the best days of Western democracy are far behind us, but also China’s global hegemony in the next century is written in the stars. Many already speak of the twenty-first century as “The Chinese Century.” This is presented in concert to the conventional wisdom that the twentieth century was “The American Century” and the nineteenth century was “The British Century.” There is no doubt that China wi…

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…world’s annual merchant fleet tonnage passes through regional straits, and the majority continues into the South China Sea. A third of global crude oil and half of global liquid natural gas also pass through the sea. Intra-regional rivalries, economic dependence, and threats other than China continue to influence defense planning in the region. The simple but sensationalized explanation that China’s rise is triggering other nations to beef up the…

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China’s Search for Glam Power

…knowledged, that a country newly endowed with riches and self confidence, must be in want of the swag to match.” China has certainly acquired great riches in the past few decades, and signs of its increasing self-confidence are present everywhere, from belligerence in the South China Sea to intransigence on Syria. If we follow my altered Austen aphorism, the next thing China needs to feel like a truly “big” power is the respect and recognition th…

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