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Evolution and Revolution

…s, and the movement was not driven so much by uniform religious concerns as by a common identity that considered Arabs from Morocco to Iraq to be one people with a shared history, language, culture and political interest. They saw the Arab people as a civilization that had suffered from a steady but temporary decline since the Golden Age, a decline explained by external forces like colonialism. The solution was a unified, socialist Arab nation wi…

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American Images

…they’re being softened up for interrogation. And we hear that the most humiliating thing you can do is make one Arab male disrobe in front of another … and especially if you put a woman in front of them and then spread those pictures around the Arab world …Maybe they’re gonna think we are serious. Maybe they’re gonna think we mean it this time. Maybe they’re gonna think we’re not gonna kowtow to them. Maybe the people who ordered this are pretty…

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Arab Springs To No Avail

…by Illustration by Amalia Rinehart Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine By Candace Lukasik: Among the Arab revolutions of the last year, there is one struggle for justice that has endured since 1948: The occupation of Palestine. The Arab Spring offers new hope for a shift in the Palestinian condition of dispossession, discrimination, and death. The Arab revolutions grew out of a sustained hope for freedom. Grassroots mass mobilization …

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Desert in Bloom: The Truth About the Arab League and Arab Spring

…Tunisia and Egypt and Libya,” “We are not Tunisia and Egypt and Libya and Yemen” On Saturday, the Arab League announced that it has (finally) taken some substantive action on the issue of Syria: if the Assad regime does not desist from its violent tactics against civilians and hold up its end of the Arab League-brokered conflict resolution deal by November 16, it will be suspended from the League and suffer economic and political s…

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Stuffed Democracy

…the lowest marks in regional opinion polls. But much has changed over the past decade, both in Turkey and in the Arab world. The evolution of domestic policy and soft power diplomacy under Erdoğan, along with a renewed need for regional leadership that has been found in Turkey’s free-market democratic structure, has propelled it to become one of the Arab world’s most admired countries. This phenomenon, dubbed the “Turkish model” by the Western me…

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The Arab World in Historical Perspective

by From Wikimedia Commons Ideas and ideologies carry large weight, especially if one takes the Arab world in political context. As citizens of the twenty first century, we often overlook the cause of the Arab region’s political distress and tension that seems to be so ubiquitous. Common people today still assume that the Arab world has always been in jeopardy, unable to be reformed and a decadent culture. The recent events in Syria, I…

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Slick Dealings

…o be a moderate country with a Western-allied ruling family that has withstood the wave of protests known as the Arab Spring. Jordan is also a resource-scarce country that relies on hydrocarbon imports from its neighbors, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt to supply 95 percent of its energy needs. While the region has been dealing with invasions by Western forces, the overthrow of autocratic regimes, and extremely violent manifestations of I…

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World Leaders Forum: Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki

…Mohamed Moncef Marzouki challenged his audience to let Tunisia change their notions about democratization in the Arab World. In 2011, Tunisia drew the world’s attention as the birthplace of the Arab Spring. Since that time, it has proved to be the only Arab nation to successfully pursue a transition to democracy, a transition that will culminate with nationwide elections this November. Selected by Tunisia’s Constituent Assembly to serve as interi…

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Grand Strategy, Iran, and the Arab Spring

…Unfortunately, it has given ammunition to the regime and its supporters and made friends of democracy among the Arab world (and even the Diaspora) wary about standing against the regime. It has led to suspicion that outside powers, may, once again, may be manipulating the Arabs. Israel has been more hesitant to support the revolution than others because it fears the potentiality of a more defiant Syria on its border. Ironically, Israel seems to…

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Two Peoples, One Libya

…n a sit-down interview with Al Jazeera. He characterized these mercenaries as black Africans who could not speak Arabic – “foreigners” who were “doing terrible things” to women and children. Both Western and Arab news outlets fed the public with a barrage of violent images that resulted in the construction of a narrative of African mercenaries as unequivocal villains in the Libyan conflict, short in savagery to only Qaddafi himself. According to…

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