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Sleep After Election Day

…oncerns. But a number of theorists, academics, and activists have been formulating innovative ways to re-involve Americans in the political process. One innovative idea developed by Fishkin and Bruce Ackerman is the institution of a “deliberation day” during which citizens meet in small groups to discuss political issues and candidates before national elections. 80 percent of Americans favor such a proposal. National Issues Forums, a nationwide n…

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Ready To Serve?

…s over the last decade. A program that gives people the opportunity to work on useful public projects with other Americans from diverse class and ethnic backgrounds (generating, in the social science lingo, “bridging social capital”), it was the kind of thing Americans seemed to want more of after 9/11. In 2002 Bush pledged to expand its ranks from 50,000 to 75,000 in two years. Instead, the operating budget for the program was cut by 30 percent…

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The Critical Language Gap

…rybody desires to be free. But I also know people need to be convincing—convinced.” While the programs do expose Americans to other cultures, they do so only because those cultures pose a threat to the United States. NSLI does not hide this fact: “NSEP was designed to provide Americans with the resources and encouragement they need to acquire skills and experiences in areas of the world critical to the future security of our national Security,” a…

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An Impoverished Debate

…astounding extent to which this epidemic has gained ground in America over the past few years. The proportion of Americans living in poverty has risen from the 11 percent pre-recession low to 15 percent, a peak not witnessed in 20 years. The figure is set to increase further to 15.8 percent by 2014, according to projections made by the Brookings Institute and The Economist, resulting in an additional 10 million Americans joining the ranks of the…

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Fake ID

…. In doing this, Obama has become one of the most racial politics. Obama is exposing not only how simplistically Americans understand group identities, but also the extent to which the politics associated with those identities are overly touchy and intensely potent. Above all, he is asking Americans to look beyond the touchiness and the potency, to identify with him and thereby with each other. Racial Geometry American racial politics have long b…

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The Nerd Who Came In From The Cold

…security. In other words, far from being an order to which the United States might submit, it is a system which Americans have administered. For a long time, the system worked — too long, in fact. Europeans became unmoored from the demands of making foreign policy, and Americans became accustomed to getting their way. On balance, material costs are of little concern to the United States, while Americans’ aversion to spending American lives has b…

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The Emergence, Disappearance, and Existence of the Muslipublican

…is estimated by many sources to be at 8 million and growing. Of these 8 million, around 7% of registered Muslim Americans are Republicans, a minority that is just large enough to make an impact on politics at many levels. It has become a liberal truism that Muslim Americans would not want to vote for the party of the administration responsible for the violation of their civil liberties, but—surprise —Muslim Republicans exist. Columbia Political…

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Can America Stomach the Consumption Tax?

…ts guiding principle of has been progressive taxation—people should pay taxes according to their ability. Richer Americans’ income, therefore, is taxed at a higher percentage than poorer Americans’. Even conservatives agree with this philosophy; the President’s own Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) wrote in 2003 that “the income tax system should relate a taxpayer’s tax liability to his or her ability to pay and to his or her economic well-being…

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News on News on News

…ng and detailed lists of outlets for donations. One of many New York Times pieces devoted exclusively to helping Americans learn how to donate to Haiti listed over twenty verifiably sound and active aid organizations. In contrast, the New York Times ran less than a dozen articles on the Pakistani floods within the first week of the crisis. And within the week of the immediate outbreak archival searches revealed no lists of organizations to which…

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Constant Vigilance

by One of the most difficult elements of coping with terrorist attacks is managing the emotions that it elicits from victims. It is a simple enough argument to state that another terrorist attack on U.S. soil would be unbearable to the American people, but such an attack is inevitable-if not from abroad, then from the new crop of “home-grown” extremists materializing everywhere from Portland, Oregon, to Fort Hood, Texas. Th…

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