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An Optimistic Examination of East African Terrorism

by Smoke rises above the Westgate mall during Al-Shabaab’s attack (photo credit: Late last September, the world’s collective attention was drawn to the East African nation of Kenya, where a group of Islamist terrorists—members of Al-Qaeda’s Somalian affiliate, Al-Shabaab—had launched a deadly campaign of violence in Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall. Despite having killed over 70 innocent civilian…

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Hope for Somalia Insha’allah

…’t recognize you [fully] just in case you utterly embarrass us.’” But there is another option, both to eliminate al-Shabaab and to restore order in the nation without the TFG. MINDING THE GROWING GAPS Amr and Noor mention that some time towards the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010, “a rivalry surfaced between Al Shabaab [sic] and Hizbul Islam,” a formally friendly Islamist party, with some claims that members of both organizations have broken off…

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Mending the Horn

…not to derail our progress]. CPR: Is there any plan or current attempt by the TFG or other Somalis to deal with Al-Shabaab? AA: The TFG tries to engage individuals that are more moderate… [and tries] to convince them out of their alliances or their commitments to the other side. Because, let’s face it, Al Shabaab includes a variety of people- it’s not monolithic, although they’re sometimes projected as such by the Western media…

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“Below the Battle”

…tion that many are calling Kenya’s first war. Interestingly, this war is not with another nation, but with Al-Shabaab – an extremist militia splinter group of Al-Qaeda that has controlled large parts of Somalia for years. Accompanying this novelty of war was a familiar national holiday: Mashujaa Day. Every October 20, Mashujaa Day, or Heroes Day, celebrates notable Kenyans throughout history. In the past, this date was celebrated as Kenyatt…

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ISIS and Islamophobia

…lete breakdown of the economy and society, and the failure of any succeeding government to establish order, were all factors that led to the creation of the group. It was not created because Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder and self-titled Caliph, is a particularly devout Muslim. Rather, Al-Baghdadi saw the power vacuum as an opportunity to gain power and influence, and the unemployment, anger, and discontent meant he had a steady stream of will…

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UNderserved Refugees: Systemic Failures of the UNHCR in Kenya

…Siad Barre, was toppled from power by a combined force of opposition rebel groups in 1991. Different factions of al-Shabaab militant groups started fighting each other for power, and the antagonism between Islamists of al-Shabaab and Somalia’s transitional government, backed by African Union peacekeepers, exacerbated the conflict. The first phase of the civil war took place between 1986 and 1992 when Barre was overthrown, and stemmed from the ins…

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Getting Trashed in Nairobi

…lists one day as he showed them around the landfill, “There aren’t a lot of jobs now, but there will always be work here. And here, we are all like brothers. Sometimes when another group doesn’t make as much, we help them. And, you know, they do the same for us. You can’t do this work alone,” he said. “We take shifts on different days because you can’t be working all the time when you are also taking care…

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