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Africa Disempowe(red)

…h incarnation. The letters may be weathered, but the message is clear: buy this t-shirt to help to fight AIDS in Africa. This formula seems almost too good to be true: you don’t have to change any of your normal habits, and you can help save Africans. On closer inspection, however, (RED)’s products and advertising campaigns may actually be perpetuating attitudes and beliefs that hinder the very people they purportedly help. Compare a Product (RED…

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Africa’s New Union

…, improving the state of public health, and building the infrastructure needed to initiate sustainable growth in Africa are only some of the tremendous tasks that deserve Sachs’s attention. Overarching all of these goals is the promotion of good governance and the rule of law. The African Union, born out of an ineffective predecessor, the Organization for African Unity, has the potential to gain ground as a respectable continental body that could…

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Bye Bye Beijing

by China’s recent activity in Africa goes beyond the mere muscle-flexing and oil-grabbing tendencies of an emerging global power. In the last five years, media reports of China’s growing presence in Africa have increasingly reinforced and intensified Western fears of an unrestrainable imperialist state. Articles brandishing headlines such as “China’s Economic Invasion of Africa” and “Africa: China’s New Backyard” depict Africa as the v…

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America Courts Africa

…e is bound to be significant—at least in the short run. The nature of the relationship between the U.S. and most African nations can be best labelled as uneasy. Although the U.S., in its role as the world’s superpower, is willing to partner with most African countries in projects and provisions of aid, it is also quick to give them the stick. Muammar Gaddafi, who had opened Libya’s economy to Western investment, was quickly deposed after hi…

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Diamonds Aren’t Forever

…n of Rhodesia before it split into Zambia and Zimbabwe. Cecil Rhodes left his own contribution to the history of Africa by leaving what many white men before him have left to Africa—a vehicle to imperialize the continent, a vehicle enshrined in exploitation of the world’s most precious stone. Cecil Rhodes founded De Beers. De Beers, the world’s most powerful diamond mining company, has held a monopoly on the diamond market since the trade evolved…

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An Interview with Joyce Banda

…d to establish smart partnerships. We need to ensure that the American government are doing things so that those African countries are satisfied, yes. But to compare this with another country is not fair. KD: Changing topics, we have heard a lot about communicable diseases in Africa as of late – Ebola, which has taken a lot of attention now, but also malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis. With Ebola, people have focused on external intervention, whethe…

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Gimme, Gimme More

…and 2011 exceeded a total of 200 million hectares. According to public reports, 134 million hectares of land in Africa now belong to foreign investors. This means approximately five percent of the African continent is entangled in a land grab. Additionally, the proliferation of legal-yet-clandestine land acquisition deals means that the true quantity of foreign-owned land in Africa is likely even greater. While the sheer size of African land acq…

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Who’s Responsible?

…h she barely mentioned the growing number of Ebola cases. By June 15, 2014, the number of cases reported in West Africa had reached more than 100. Just one week later, an additional 100 new cases had been documented. This rapid growth continued steadily, while the WHO did not make any announcements that indicated the severity of the outbreak. On August 8, 2014, 139 days after learning of the first Ebola case in West Africa, the WHO finally declar…

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Corrupting the Cup

…d of geopolitical rhetoric. To confirm this, one simply needs to look at the most recently selected hosts: South Africa, Brazil, Russia, and Qatar. All have been touted as emerging economies, and the chance to successfully host the World Cup has been advertised as a great positive, showing newfound economic status (anyone remember Shakira’s theme song for the South African World Cup?). FIFA, meanwhile, stands to gain from the continued expansion…

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How We Don’t Look at Kenya

…rhaps the most frustrating idea expressed in the Western media, however, is that Kenya somehow represents all of Africa—an Africa where democracy will never stick and where no viable independent economy can ever sustain itself. A January 24 Economist article warned, “The stakes are high. A complete meltdown in Kenya may set back the entire continent.” The fear is that NGOs and business interests will stop investing time and money in the entire co…

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