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The Ultimate Gamble

…lation of Iranian electoral outcomes. As they gained momentum, the protesters were brutally suppressed by Iran’s security forces. Establishment forces in Iran, represented by the then-close relationship between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, used the country’s security infrastructure to crush dissenting reformist parties and their supporters. At the street level, Basij militiamen were deployed on dirt…

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Gunning For Brazil

…ly amount to a human rights violation under international law—it also reveals how Brazil’s decentralized private security industry is systematically implicated in violence against indigenous peoples. Given the context of Brazil’s untrustworthy law enforcement, small security firms complicate the ongoing global discussion on regulating larger, multinational private military and security corporations (PMSCs). The armed group behind the Guaraní pers…

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With Arms Wide Open: The Threat of Iranian Arms Trafficking

…ply collapse or be so corrupt and inefficient as to not matter anyway. The resulting chaos would threaten Iran’s security. No state likes it when their neighbor is in the throes of a deadly civil war; refugees and armed rebel groups both have their own unique security challenges. Not to mention Iran had already been dealing with this exact issue on their eastern border with the Taliban. Even before the US military invaded, Iran had started prepar…

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Borderline Dysfunctional

…across the border. Illegal immigrants are being forced to carry drugs as payment for assistance in crossing the border. Turf wars have flared up in major U.S. cities such as Dallas, TX, leaving beheaded victims in their wake. American officials have expressed fears that border officials have become targets of bribes and extortion. The first response to the new security threat was the 2007 Bush administration’s Merida Initiative, a three-year, $1…

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Fight and Flight

…and the European Union By Elif Çoker On the morning of September 30, 2015, a refugee camp in the Franco-Italian border town Ventimiglia was raided by the Italian police. The refugees were forcibly drawn away from their shelters, and were promised to be taken to the Red Cross facilities nearby. When the students of French university Sciences Po’s Menton campus (located on the French side of that border) tried to bring basic supplies like food, wa…

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Falling on the Sword

…Boomers pushes the United States to increase its supply of young, low-cost labor, the demographic balance in the border region will shift dramatically. Our inability in the present to solve the twin problems of immigration and productivity will have a steep cost in the future—the longer we wait to address these challenges, the greater the economic necessity of large-scale importation of guest workers will be in the future. Particularly in the bor…

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Briefing: Immigration

…tion to ensure that only documented citizens are hired for jobs. They also brought forward a proposal to improve border security to prevent the unlawful crossing of the American-Mexican border while simultaneously constructing a means to admit temporary workers into the United States and give those already in the country an opportunity to become citizens. Despite the fact that their resolutions failed to reach the Senate floor, and that the midte…

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Stand By Me

…ically, such a move might actually impose a degree of stability in Indo-Chinese ties; Chinese assertiveness over border territories coupled with Indian defense insecurities are key factors contributing to India’s mistrust of China, driving a wedge into relations. A sense of stability along the border provided by a US alignment might lessen paranoia over Chinese aggression in New Delhi, paving the way for a more mature relationship. Cementing ties…

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Shorty Keeps Running Away

…rely unsurprising. His capture in February of 2014 had represented the greatest feat of the Mexican government’s security policy; his escape now represents its greatest defeat. It is the apotheosis of a failed security policy that the Mexican government has been implementing since the late 1990s, known as the kingpin strategy. Its basic premise is that by “decapitating” heads of crime families (“a figurative description for what has become a grue…

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A Fresh Order of Domino Theory

…e Kosovo War would sour relations. To put it simply, “When NATO began its 1999 air campaign in Kosovo without UN Security Council approval, Russians perceived this as part of NATO’s drive for unilateral security in Europe.” NATO’s circumvention of Security Council and Russian approval before beginning its campaign in Kosovo had detrimental consequences. Kosovo was the last straw since it united many of the most feared military and political threa…

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