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Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

…and China into the conflict. Though the fighting ended in 1953, the United States kept as many as 40,000 combat troops in South Korea. The US military has begun to withdraw many of its forces in an attempt to transition from a conventional, static military force to a more flexible, mobile one, reducing the number of combat troops in South Korea to 28,000. However, the North Korean attack on the South Korean navy March of last year has halted the…

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Borderline Dysfunctional

…derón, on just his tenth day in office, took the unprecedented step in December 2006 of deploying 36,000 federal troops to nine states. The strategy sought to decrease the amount of drugs crossing the border, capture high-profile leaders, and seize shipments and destroy illegal cultivation. Almost four years of fighting, 45,000 troops, and countless innocent victims later, Calderón has yet to succeed in meeting his primary goal of increasing over…

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Air Combat over Eastern Ukraine

…on the remaining sites. Ballistic missiles, relying on satellite image-based intelligence will also be of little use against road-mobile Ukrainian SAMs or radars as long as they are moving. This brings us back to the central question: can Russia destroy Ukrainian air defenses? To its credit, the Russian Air Force has learned from its performance six years ago. It has increased funding for new and better navigation satellites and modernized its an…

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An Optimistic Examination of East African Terrorism

…ined, and both Ethiopia and Kenya have recently agreed to move their forces under AMISOM’s command. In addition, US military operations in Somalia are ongoing: an attempt by the US’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to capture an Al-Shabaab leader, as well as intermittent air strikes and cover operations since at least 2007, suggest the terror network has been on JSOC’s target deck for some time. Nevertheless, neither the US military nor A…

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In Ukraine, Two Disparate Futures of Geopolitics

…did not immediately evacuate the Ukraine, the revenues gained from the sanctions and frozen assets would then be used in support of the Ukrainian government. Further, US ports and airspace should be closed to Russian traffic. Turkey’s Bosporus Strait, which sees 2.5 million barrels of predominantly Russian oil pass through its waters, should be closed to all Russian ships immediately, thus crippling the country’s ability to export valuable…

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The Raucous Caucasus

…ot helped tensions, nor have Azerbaijan’s recent arrests of alleged Iranian-backed terrorists plotting to murder US and Israeli ambassadors in March of 2012. Meanwhile, the OSCE’s efforts at conflict management and resolution are largely useless. A primary function of the OSCE is to monitor the ceasefire along the border. To monitor a 175-km line of fortifications, manned by more than 20,000 troops on either side, the OSCE employs an underwhelmin…

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Afghanistan’s Terrible Trajectory

…am fully assured that Afghanistan’s future has to rest with the Afghani people themselves. As history has shown us properly, the USSR and the US have both been unsuccessful in exerting any change in the politics of Afghanistan. Though Mr. Karzai has been elected through the process of democratic elections, democracy itself is under severe distress due to a severe level of corruption; it now can barely stand on its own feet, and Afghan forces suf…

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Hanging in the Balance

by On May 6, the U.K. will hold what David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, described on April 6 as “the most important election in a generation.” Given that this election is likely to either bring about Britain’s first post-election hung parliament since 1974, or the end of the Labour Party’s unprecedented 13 years in power, or, quite possible, both of the above, there is good reason to concur with Cameron’s assessment. Alth…

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Naval State of Mind

…Korea, and Australia. This ranges from deepening military cooperation with Australia (through the deployment of US troops in Australia) to hosting joint naval drills with Vietnam to maintaining an enormous presence of nearly 50,000 troops in Japan. China views all of these relationships as US attempts to cage in China and preclude its economic, military, and political growth. As a result, China hopes to possess a credible sea-based nuclear deter…

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Turkey Gets Engaged

…olonel Muammar Qaddafi and pro-Qaddafi forces. The seeds of Turkey’s friendly ties with Libya were sown during a US arms embargo following Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus in 1974, when Libya provided Turkey with spare parts to operate US-made jets. Since then, Turkish builders have become a mainstay of foreign business in Libya, despite an influx of Chinese, Russian and other immigrants. Today, Turkey has both an embassy in Tripoli, still up and runn…

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